Dr Mercola on Detoxifying

Dr Mercola on detoxifying

The Top Ten Priorities for Detoxification

“Late last year, I participated in a three day think-tank outside of Los Angeles with some of the top experts in autism detoxification. We explored some of the major modalities that are available. I will be presenting this information in Chicago this weekend at the Chicago Autism One Conference.

The group came up with the following consensus and priority for achieving optimal health:

  1. Healthy Living
  2. Avoiding Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  3. Clean Water
  4. Healthy Food
  5. Healthy Movement
  6. Emotions & Relationships
  7. Tests
  8. Organ Support
  9. Supplements
  10. Detox Tools

As you can see detoxification is an important tool, but it is not at the top of the priority list — especially if you are sick. Unfortunately, a lot of people first consider detoxing when they’re not feeling well.

It’s important to realize that if you fail to follow an orderly process and begin detoxification processes prematurely, it can deteriorate your health even further, making you very sick.”

Bikini Season – Are You Ready?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian who are always in the public eye have to keep their bodies in top condition or risk unflattering pictures being seen by millions of people.  How do they do it?Kim Kardashian

Kim told people magazine “I feel great. I am ready for the bikini body,”  on Wednesday at an opening bash for Dash, her new Miami boutique with sisters Khloe and Kourtney, at the Clevelander hotel in South Beach. “I am eating well and I go to the gym every day and I already see a difference.” she said.

Of course anyone can eat correctly given a little education, but not every one has the money or time to go to a gym.

One solution is to get an exercise machine at home.  Check out the new Cardio Twister, a machine which places your body in the ideal workout position, with it’s bi-directional stepping motion and smooth upper body twisting motion that tightens and firms your entire body. Perfect for people of every fitness level. With 7 different levels of resistance you can tailor your workout for a super, fun, effective fitness program.  Try it out!

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 5 – Eat Breakfast

Jump start your day…

Tip 5

Studies show that eating breakfast increases your metabolic rate, giving your body an energy boost which helps burn more calories. Rates of obesity and diabetes have been shown to reduce significantly in groups of people who ate breakfast everyday.

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 4 – Get Moving

Move it to lose it…

Tip 4

While it is true that you still burn calories as you sleep, it’s also true that just moving around (even in the house) burns more. So get up and do something!

What can you do, simple things like:-

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean behind the furniture
  • Sort out clutter
  • Plant an organic garden
  • Walk the dog

You’ll not only burn calories, you’ll make your environment cleaner and more enjoyable.

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20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 3 – Don’t Drink Calories

Pure water is best…

Tip 3

Are you drinking a large proportion of your daily calories?  Sodas contain lots of sugar. What about diet sodas?  While they don’t have the same calorie count, artificial sweeteners aren’t something I recommend consuming on a regular basis.  Commercial fruit juices may contain added sugar or simply natural sugars, either way, they can be high in calories.

The best option is to drink pure filtered “living water”.  This water tastes great by itself, however for variation, you can add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime for a zero calorie refresher.

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20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 2 Eat Small Portions

Reduce calories, reduce weight…

Tip 2

Beware of portion sizes. When you eat out (or even get take-out meals) portions can be huge. Average meal portions have increased by around 20%

Order two appetizer sized meals, start with a salad to take the edge off your hunger and then enjoy the other appetizer knowing you’re not overeating.

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 1 Small Changes Count

Over time, small changes in your daily routine will change your weight loss outcome.

Tip 1

Don’t add oily dressings to salads.  It’s the extra flavor you are craving not the oil. Instead squeeze on lemon or lime juice, grind on a little salt and pepper or sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and add a little vinegar.  Keeping it simple makes it easy, fast and doable.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 6 – Eat Smaller Meals

Plan on eating smaller portions (more frequently)…

When you eat you are providing your body with fuel.  Think about what would happen if you kept on filling your car with fuel when it was already full.  Disaster!  Well, we’re pretty much the same. Overeating = Excessive Fueling.

Don’t get obsessed with thinking about food or hunger. It’s natural to want to eat, you can’t survive without food. It’s our fuel.

What you need to control is the quantity and timing. So think about portion control and eating 5 to 6 times per day.

Portion control

One simple technique is to just use a smaller plate. Over the years the size of plates being manufactured has increased, so your small portion may look skimpy on a large plate. The visual impact of a small plate full of good food is important.

Knowing that you will be eating again in a couple of hours removes any hunger anxiety.

Eat More Frequently

One of the keys to being able to access body fat as a source of energy is to maintain even blood sugar throughout the day. Your pancreas will love you if, rather than having to cope with large amounts of food at a sitting and becoming overworked, your pancreas will be better able aid your digestive process.  Even blood sugar levels and energy consumption is attained by having 5 to 6 balanced, smaller meals spaced out over the course of your day.

  1. Breakfast
  2. Mid-morning
  3. Lunch
  4. Mid-afternoon
  5. Dinner (a light meal eaten early)
  6. Post Dinner snack (not a sugary dessert)

Balanced meals means – consisting of protein (essential amino acids), carbohydrates (fiber and energy), fats (essential fatty acids),  fruits & vegetables (fiber, vitamins and minerals).

The carbohydrates should be ones which increase blood sugar slowly (have a low Glycemic Index). Reduce all sugars and starchy carbohydrate foods and increase fruits, vegetables, salads, whole (unprocessed) grains. Increasing the quantity of unprocessed whole foods increases your nutrient and fiber intake and helps reduce calories.  Low GI/High fiber consumption has the following benefits:-

  1. You feel satisfied for longer
  2. You consume fewer calories
  3. Your blood sugar remains more even
  4. Your digestive system works better

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 7 – Fruit & Veges

Plan to eat more fruit and vegetables…

We touched on this at the end of Part 6, but the concept is so important it deserves more detail.

To get to this point you have done heaps to initiate your Calorie & Fat Deficit plan:-

  1. Consumed fewer calories.
  2. Drank a lot more water.
  3. Stopped think about dieting.
  4. Started to burn fat through exercise.
  5. Got your aerobic activity started.
  6. Eating 5/6 balanced meals per day.

You have probably felt challenged, but satisfied.  It can be difficult to break habits, but it’s worth it to achieve Effective and Permanent Weight Loss.

Now is the time to EAT. What you choose to eat now will have lasting impact on your body. You need to eat satisfying nutrient rich foods.  This will avoid trapping you into “Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome” which in turn causes “Nutrient Deficiency Stimulated Appetite” – which put simply means your body needs nutrients and stimulates your appetite.  Eating nutrient poor foods causes overeating as your body strives to gain nutrients, and you end up overfed and undernourished. A very bad combination.

So what should you eat? Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients like, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. So adding more fruit and vegetables to your meals is crucial. Fresh seasonal produce is best. Deeply colored produce has higher levels of antioxidants. Berry fruits are special nutritional treats.

Try to make your meal at least 75% fruit and vegetables.  You can even eat pizza, just control your portion size and add heaps of healthy salad.

NaturalNews.com has just published a fabulous Guacamole recipe and details the benefits of the natural ingredients written by Kirk Patrick.

Check out the free charts with details of fruits and vegetables nutrients.

Free Fruit & Vegetable Phytonutrients Charts

Free Fruit & Vegetable Nutritient Charts

The only concern is that modern farming methods may mean that commercially grown crops do not have the same levels of nutrients as organically grown crops. To ensure you get sufficient nutrients I recommend adding spirulina and chlorella supplements to your daily routine.

Good Reasons to Have a Cuppa with your Fish Dinner

Are you concerned about getting mercury poisoning from eating fish?

I just heard about some interesting research on a positive relationship between eating fish and drinking tea. Research indicates that drinking tea (black or green), while you eat fish that may contain mercury,  may positively inhibit the absorption of mercury. Adding slices of lemon to the fish (and/or the tea) and enhances the bioavailability of the healthy benefits of tea!


Here is the abstract:
Impact of phytochemical-rich foods on bioaccessibility of mercury from fish, Food Chemistry, Volume 112, Issue 1, 1 January 2009, Pages 46-50Soon-Mi Shim, Mario G. Ferruzzi, Young-Cheul Kim, Elsa M. Janle, Charles R. Santerre
The effects of phytochemical-rich foods on bioaccessibility of mercury in fish tissue (the amount of mercury that is released from fish into gastrointestinal tract fluid following a simulated digestion) were investigated using an in vitro digestion. Total mercury in the aqueous phase following a simulated digestion of fish with added food treatments was used to measure mercury bioaccessibility. Green tea extract (31–2000 mg), black tea extract (31–2000 mg), and soy protein (50–100 mg) significantly reduced mercury bioaccessibility by 82–92%, 88–91%, and 44–87%, respectively. Grapefruit juice (0.5–10 ml) did not reduce mercury in the aqueous phase. Wheat bran (50–1000 mg) decreased mercury bioaccessibility (84%); oat bran and psyllium reduced bioaccessibility (by 59–75%, 15–31%, respectively) at amounts greater than 500 mg. We therefore suggest that co-consumption of foods containing phytochemicals at the same time as fish that contains mercury may potentially reduce mercury absorption compared to eating fish alone.

Why is Eating Fish Good For You?

Researchers at Harvard University analyzed the benefits and risks of eating fish, a potential source of mercury and dioxin contamination. They calculated that eating one to two fish meals per week, especially fish high in omega-3 fats, reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 36 percent and death from other causes by 17 percent. The researchers wrote that women of childbearing age and nursing mothers should consume two seafood meals per week, but limit their consumption of high-mercury fish, such as shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and golden bass. The higher the fish is on the ocean’s food chain the more mercury they may contain.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), one of the omega-3s, is important in the development of fetal and infant brains. The researchers noted that consuming 250 mg daily of DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) may be sufficient for heart protection. They concluded that, “for major health outcomes among adults…the benefits of fish intake exceed the potential risks. For women of childbearing age, benefits of modest fish intake, except for a few selected species, also outweigh risks.”

Why is mercury a health concern?

Mercury is so highly toxic that it causes severe neurological disorders. It can also result in the loss of hair, teeth and nails as well as muscle weakness, loss of kidney function, emotional mood swings and memory impairment.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 5 – Aerobic Activity

Plan to do some Aerobic Activities…

Firstly, what is aerobic activity?  It’s defined  as “any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature.” It is a type of exercise that puts a load on your heart and lungs and causes them to work harder than while resting. The important idea behind aerobic exercise today, is to get up and get moving!!

Aerobic activity can develop the efficiency of your fat burning metabolism. If you’re unfit you’ll need to  develop your fat burning systems over a period of time. Up to 6 months of regular aerobic activity would be required.

Aerobic activity can also help contribute to the “Calorie and Fat Deficit” required for effective fat loss.

I’ve found an exercise machine which works to give you aerobic activity – try it out.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 4 – Strength Training

Part 4 – Plan on building muscle with progressive strength training…

It’s a simple formula.  Each couple of pounds (1 kilo) of muscle tissue burns around 80 calories per day, while fat tissue burns only 5 calories.

With exercise you can increase the calories being burned up to 10 fold, plus build more muscle as you train. This is important as body fat is burned to create muscle tissue.  So the more muscle tissue you build the more fat you can burn.

Try a fun way to build muscle here.

Stop High Calorie Munchies!

Saw Kym Douglas on the Ellen Show talking about a UK study where women wore a patch with vanilla extract to control sweet cravings.

Vanilla apparently triggers serotonin (a natural feel good chemical messenger) in the brain which helps curb cravings for sweets and chocolates.  A bit of searching Google reveals this is not a new study (it goes back to 2000).

Kym’s suggestion was to create a do it yourself “Slimming Spray” by mixing the following in a spray bottle:-

  • Pure natural vanilla extract
  • Distilled water
  • Rubbing alcohol

Spray on and stop those sweet cravings.

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Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 3 – Don’t Diet

Part 3 – Plan on NOT Dieting

At first you might think this part is strange.  But did you see Kirstie Alley on Oprah last week? Ask Kirstie about this one and I’m sure she’ll agree. We love Kirsty and wish her well in her ongoing quest.

So you go on a diet.  Successfully lose weight and what happens? 95% of all people who lose weight through dieting end up weighing more within 12 months. I’m sure you’ve heard the term yo-yo dieting. These statistics are heartbreaking.

Why does this happen?  Firstly, some diets are unsustainable over the long term. Who can survive on grapefruit and lettuce leaves? Real change happens from a change in lifestyle.

Secondly, dieting reduces your lean muscle tissue, thereby actually reducing your metabolic rate and making it harder to keep weight off.

Every diet makes it more difficult, so beware.  You’ll definately want to check out Part 4 to find a solution.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 2 – Hydration

Part 2 – Plan for Proper Hydration

Feeling thirsty?  That means your body is already dehydrated. So how much water do you actually need?

As a rule of thumb, work out what 1 litre (around 30 fluid oz) of water per 25 kilo’s (55 pounds) of body weight is for you. Think of this as a base quantity, if you are doing strenuous exercise, particularly in a hot environment you will need more.

You can get water from the food you eat, especially if you’re eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, remember that you’ll actually require additional water to aid your digestive system.

Can drinking water help you slim? It depends on how you look at it. Given that hunger pangs can really be thirst in disguise, if you properly hydrate your body’s trillions of cells you’ll be less tempted to snack. Also, drinking a glass of water before eating fills you up so you eat smaller meals.

If you become dehydrated your body goes into “protection” mode. When denied any vital nutrient your body cries out for help, although these signals are often misunderstood (like thirst disguised as hunger).  If you are dehydrated your body may slow down your metabolism in an effort to retain as much water as possible for survival. This slows down your fat burning which make it more difficult to lose weight.

So, the answer is to drink plenty of water (of course, pure filtered water is best). How do you do that?  Like I’ve said in other posts it’s not really too difficult.  Try these tips:-

  1. Drink 1 glass when you wake up.
  2. Drink 1 glass after you clean your teeth after breakfast
  3. Drink 1 glass mid morning
  4. Drink 1 glass before lunch
  5. Drink 1 glass with lunch
  6. Drink 1 glass mid afternoon
  7. Drink 1 glass when you get home from work
  8. Drink 1 glass before dinner
  9. Drink 1 glass with dinner
  10. Drink 1 glass after you clean your teeth in the evening
  11. I also leave a glass of filtered water in my bathroom overnight, so I can drink it if I get up during the night.

If you find water boring, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

Be kind to our planet – use a water filter and fill your own bottles (preferable glass) instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

Detox Programs – Do They Work? – Part 7 – Radiation

Part 7

Think about radiation…

Radiation is toxic to our bodies however, we are all exposed to unavoidable radiation exposure from sources like cosmic radiation from outer space, natural radiation from the earth.

So simply getting closer to space in ways like air travel and living at altitude increases your exposure to cosmic radiation.

Other man-made factors  in your environment like, living near a coal fired or nuclear power plant, also increases your exposure.

Household items like smoke detectors, microwave ovens, TV sets and other electrical equipment emit radiation of different types.

Try to minimize your exposure to radiation from sources like medical x-rays and nuclear medicine procedures.

Cell phones also emit radiation. While it may not be scientifically proven they cause illness, there is enough anecdotal evidence for me to decide to limit the time I place anything which emits EMF near my head. I’ve seen a Neurosurgeon on TV stating his personal belief that we are about to see an epidemic of  brain tumors due to EMF radiation from mobile phones. I think we are already seeing this happen. His suggestion? Use your phones loud speaker to take and make calls. Don’t allow children to use cell phones or cordless phones.

Some other practical suggestions:-

Don’t place a cordless phone on your bedside table – use a corded phone there.

For other suggestions visit this link for a comprehensive list of how to avoid EMF in the home.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 1

Part 1 – Plan For Fat Reduction

Instead of just being focused on weight loss, focus on reducing the percentage of fat you are carrying on your body.  The bad news is that reducing body fat means reducing your food intake. Why? Consuming fewer calories (caloric deficit of at least 500 calories per day)  will cause your body to metabolize it’s own fat reserves. Your reserves will then be  used for essential body functions, daily activity and exercise and you lose weight

Beware of low fat products. A large percentage of low or no fat products actually contain a lot of sugar to make them more palatable. Read the labels and avoid high sugar, highly processed, foods with lots of chemical names and numbers.  You need to eat real foods, not chemicals which increase your toxin load, even if they supposed to be “safe”.

The good news is that adding natural whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a natural, low fat of way reducing your overall calorie intake. Plus you also increase your fiber intake which is good for your digestive system.