Fat Busting Tips – Bonus Tip 3 – Chili Lime Marinade

Chili Lime Marinade

  • 1/4 cup of lime juice
  • 3 cloves of garlic – very finely chopped
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 1/2 cup of sweet chili sauce

Add all ingredients to a blender and pulsate until well blended.

Can be used on chicken, fish or meat before grilling, sauteing or roasting.  Place your choice of protein in a ziplok bag, add the marinade and refrigerate  for up to 4 hours – then cook.  Discard the marinade in the bag (don’t use it for basting).


Bonus Fat Busting Tips – Flavor Bonus 2 – Zero Fat Relish

Fat Busting Bonus 2 – a delicious relish. Perfect for a side dish or adding to a sandwich.

Zero Fat Relish

  • 1 mango – not over ripe – peeled and diced into 1/4 inch size pieces.
  • 1 medium red bell pepper (capsicum) diced
  • 1 medium green bell pepper (capsicum) diced
  • 1 cucumber – seeds removed – diced
  • 2 mild green chilis – finely sliced
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh mint
  • 1 medium red onion – very finely sliced and chopped.
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • A couple of dashes of sweet chile sauce

Combine all ingredients in a bowl – stir together well – cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour (preferably overnight, so the flavors can mingle)

Bonus Fat Busting Tips – Flavor Bonus 1 – Marinade

The theme of these fat busting bonus tips is to add flavor without adding too many calories.

Make a Herb & Garlic Marinade

  • 1/4 cup of soy sauce (low salt version if you prefer)
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic – finely minced
  • 1/4 (loosely packed) cup finely chopped fresh cilantro (coriander)
  • 2 hot red chillis – very finely sliced
  • 1/2 red onion – very finely sliced and then chopped
  • a few dashes of sweet chili sauce or lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together well, in a small bowl.

Can be used on chicken, fish or meat before grilling, sauteing or roasting.  Place your choice of protein in a ziplok bag, add the marinade and refrigerate  for up to 4 hours – then cook.  Discard the marinade in the bag (don’t use it for basting).


Health Care Reform – From The Inside Out

Reform Your Health…

Apart from what the politicians are talking about, health care reform should be our top priority.

I’m not referring to the state of the hospital systems or health insurance.

I’m saying that we are all responsible for our own health. We are the ones who decide what we eat. Although I do understand the immense pressure on families to choose “fast food”, meaning processed, prepackaged and take-out. Those choices should be resisted as much as possible.

If we really want to change our health outcomes, we need to change what we eat.

The consequences of  bad food choices are just too serious to ignore.

What changes have you made to improve your health?

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Nutrient Rich Food Choices
Nutrient Rich Food Choices

Fluoride in Drinking Water

I was reading an article on Dr Mercola’s site yesterday.  The subject is the dangers of fluoride in our water supplies. Everyone should be aware of this toxic drug being added to many water supplies.

Please view the video (it’s really an audio) below about fluoride – it’s long but worth your time.

Find out more about water here. The Hexagon Water Purifer filters out fluoride.

Here’s the link to the original article and video.


Reprogramming Your Water

Water has memory…

If you never heard of this before, it might sound a little strange. Water has secrets. Water is more than a physical substance. It has unusual, unique properties, without which life could not have been created or sustained.

Water is the only substance which naturally occurs in three states liquid, solid and gaseous.  Water is the only substance when actually expands when frozen. Water has the highest surface tension of all liquids and has a remarkable ability to dissolve other substances.

There is a lot about water we don’t understand. Thankfully we are aware of our shortcomings in our knowledge of water and science is starting to delve into it’s secrets.

The water likes to stay as water, rather than breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen. The water on earth today is much the same water which has Mount Everestexisted for millions of years. The water in our bodies has previously been used by billions of other organisms, it has Niagara Fallsbeen everywhere around the globe from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of Niagara Falls, formed part of every ocean and sea. It’s been rain, snow, mist and clouds. And now it’s in you – imagine the story it could tell!

Think of water as an data storage system which retains information from everything it comes into contact with. Water has a memory – it receives and makes an imprint of whatever occurs in it. External substances contacting water leave a trace in the water.  This point is dramatic when you consider what we do to water.

Complicated plumbingWe poison it in chemical processes, we dump our waste into it,  our municipal water supplies are “treated” with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals then we force it into old rusting pipes and pump it around our cities where it picks up negativity, stress and aggression. The water structure is deformed by angular pipes. Not to mention the indignities in harsh purification of recycled waste water (in a closed loop system) and processing desalinated water.

These actions are a long way from the a mountain spring, where pure fresh Waterfallwater, filtered by the earth itself, tumbles over rocks and flows smoothly along a curving riverbed assimilating the minerals and vibrational energy of the source.

That water has memory is not in question. Outside factors like those mentioned above change the structure of water, to it’s (and our) detriment. All the bad information has been programmed into such water and is transmitted to our cells. Water needs to go through a healing and cleansing process to be reformatted- using the analogy of a computer hard drive –  making it beneficial for our health and well-being.

Water from remote, unique places in Venezuela, elevated plateaus calledVenezuelan Tepuis tepuis (called the Mother of All Waters), have been analyzed and found to be 40,000 times more active (engerized) than ordinary drinking water. This extra-ordinary water gives the local Indians long and happy lives despite a lack of “modern” amenities.

How do we achieve this? Apart from living beside a pristine mountain stream, an option restricted to a very few, we must do the best we can and rely on a Water Purifier designed to restucture (reformat), energize  and mineralize water. Such a water purifier is the Hexagon Water Purifier.

Hexagon waterIt’s a paradigm shift – simply knowing about the truth of water’s ability makes you more aware of what you are doing to water and what water is doing to you.

Respect it, bless it, have good intentions towards it and never foul it.

Find Out How To Shop for a Hexagon Water Purifier Here

Green Tea Purity with Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Purity

I’ve been looking for a solution which incorporates  my favorite health recommendations.  What are they?

Green Tea
Green Tea
  • Drinking lots of pure water
  • Green Tea

Green Tea Purity is tea blend extract that comes to you conventiently in easy to consume capsule form.

It contains more than ten times the anti-oxidants found in other vegetables and fruits. It also contains compounds that super charge your metabolism to help you lose weight, boasts the cardiovascular system and reduce cholesterol.

With benefits of Green Tea extract concentrated in potent capsules, Green Tea Purity is the diet supplement that has been working marvels for thousands dieters around the globe.

Sugar’s Deadly Secrets

Imagine your ancient ancestors…

They were hunter gatherers. How often would they have encountered sugar in their travels? Apart from natural sugars in any fruits, berries and honey the answer is never. Sugar just wasn’t part of their diet. Nature wanted them to take full advantage of any fruit and honey they found, so we never developed any built-in off switch for the fructose component of sugar. High fructose corn syrup is a cheaper, sweeter alternative to sugar which entered mass production in the ’70’s. The body has evolved to shut off your appetite when eating sugar, but with high fructose corn syrup there’s no off switch. The off switch is the production of insulin and leptin which aren’t triggered by corn syrup.

Fast forward to our modern lifestyle and diet…  We have gone from zero added sugar to eating pounds of sugar per week. We are bombarded by sugar every day, it’s incredibly hard to avoid even when you’re trying. Processed foods are notorious for having an overload of sugar – just read the labels carefully. Frequently you will see more than one type of sugar listed. Some examples are:-

  • Galactose – from dairy products
  • Glucose/Dextrose – from honey, fruit and vegetables
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Fructose – from fruits and honey
  • Lactose – found in milk (made from glucose and galactose)
  • Maltose – found in barley
  • Saccharose – from sugar cane
  • Sucrose – made from glucose and fructose and from plants

Nature never expected us to consume the massive quantities of sugar we eat today.  So what happens when we get to much sugar in our diet?

Well, lets be frank. Our bodies can only handle 1 teaspoon of sugar in our bloodstream per day. Given that the average glass of unsweetened fruit juice contains the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar, this means we are in serious trouble. If those 8 teaspoons entered our bloodstream unaltered there would only be one outcome – a hyperglycemic coma followed by death. So, why don’t we die?

Our pancreas is our saviour. Our poor pancreas goes into emergency mode  every time we overload with sugar. Eventually we overwork our pancreas and it may stop responding, causing insulin resistance or diabetes.

What does our pancreas do with all that sugar? It converts it into LDL cholesterol (the bad sort) and body fat. This goes a long way to explain why all those “low fat/no fat” foods have not cured obesity. Even worse, low fat foods are often loaded with sugar, making them even more damaging than a higher fat choice.

One glass of unsweetened fruit juice per day will make you gain 5 and half pounds in the course of a year. And it’s not even the calorie count which matters, it’s what the sugar is converted into, for example LDL cholesterol and fat. When you liver’s ability to store fuel (fat) is exceeded the fat gets  stored as body fat.

Beware high insulin levels, they are a predictor of heart disease. The link between heart disease and sugar consumption is established. Sugar causes chronic inflammation of the skin, discolored spots on your skin are advanced glycosylation end-products (AGE) spots, tooth decay, impaired learning performance in children. Sugar is known to “feed” cancer cells, through a process called “anaerobic glycolysis”. Sugar also dampens your immune system because it works so hard to keep your body from dying, your organs don’t get the support they need to work properly.

Obviously it’s not easy to give up sugar. Sugar is addictive. Lab experiments with rats showed the rats preferred sugar to cocaine. Even those already addicted to cocaine preferred to eat sugar.

Sugar has no nutritional value, it’s just empty calories with no fibre, no vitamins, no minerals. In fact is add no benefit at all for your health, worse still your body needs to “borrow” nutrients to metabolize it. It’s a waste of your daily calorie allowance.

Chemical artificial sweetners are not the answer. The harm artificial sweeteners can do would take another series of articles so it won’t be addressed here.  What I can give you now is a solution to help you reduce your sugar consumption.

How to manage your sugar consumption:-
Think before you eat and drink
Avoid processed foods where possible
Read labels and try to buy those with the least sugar added
Drink water instead of sodas or fruit juice

Healthy sugar substitutes are:-
Stevia – from a South American herb
Xylitol – known as birch sugar
Isomalt – from beets
Agave nectar – from the agave plant

This article is written, without scientific jargon, as a layman’s guide to the damage we are doing to our bodies by consuming too much sugar.

Some interesting links are:-

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 20 – Drink Water

Your hunger is probably actually dehydration…

Drink lots of water. Pure filtered water is best. I don’t recommend (or buy) bottled water. A large percentage of our body is water. We need water for all our bodily functions to operate properly. Water lubricates our digestive system, water helps us regulate our temperature. Without water we die.

If you only ever use a single one of the 20 Fat busting tips make sure it’s this one. Drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before meal times, your hunger will be less and so you’ll eat less. Drink water when you get up in the morning, drink water mid morning, drink water before lunch, drink water mid afternoon, drink water late afternoon, drink water before dinner, drink water after dinner, drink water after you clean your teeth.

The mantra is Drink More Water. Drink More Water. Drink More Water.

Essence of Golden Clam

“Golden” Corbicula Clams For Robust Liver Functiongolden-clams

Corbicula Clams have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver enhancing tonic, and to treat liver disorders for ages. Unfortunately, some people miss out on a real health-enhancing miracle because they’ve heard that one can contract Hepatitis A from eating contaminated clams. But the truth is that if the clams come from a fresh uncontaminated source, they are actually one of the best things you can take for your liver.

In Japan, Corbicula Clams is routinely taken for liver ailments and to ensure a healthy liver. It is regarded the best remedy for heavy drinkers. With the increasing research done on its benefits, Corbicula Clam has gained much recognition as a health-enhancing tonic.

While all Corbicula Clam is good for the liver, the quality varies greatly depending on the region the clams are obtained. The best Corbicula Clams come from the HuaLien County in Taiwan. Produced in the world’s only organic algae and the natural freshwater farm. Golden Clam’s rich combination of nutrients help to revitalize the liver, boost the immune system, elevate energy level and stamina.clams-in-water

One unique feature that sets the Corbicula Clams form that region apart from the Corbicula Clams from other countries – is their golden color… hence the name “Golden Clams”. The nutritional value of the Golden Clam surpasses any other, and has more profound liver-enhancing benefits. In fact, the Golden Corbicula Clam is now regarded as one of the few Taiwan’s National Treasures.

The Golden Corbicula Clam is packed with the perfect balance of essential amino acids, particularly Ornithine, Taurine and Arginine. which are very important to support liver’s detoxification process; Choline to prevent fatty liver; B vitamins and organic minerals, including zinc and calcium, essential to support healthy liver function; trace minerals; energy-boosting glycogen, and DHA.

Medical Research

  • 1980 Japanese Professor did a research of liver disease patients treatment using clam extracts. Results showed 82% of 853 personnel have recovered and improved.
  • 1982 Japanese Medical Team from University did a experiment showed proven results that clam can control fatty liver, prevent elevation of GOT & GPT and reduce the death of liver cells.
  • 1994 University Professor Gong had done a 6 years research on clam and discovered the protein in clam extracts has the ability to prevent cancer, particularly liver cancer.
  • 1998 Cholesterol & Heart Specialist Professor Lim discovered the clam can increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce in LDL (bad cholestorl), thus prevent the hardening of vessels, heart and blood circulation disease.
  • 1999 Professor Lim confirmed clam can reduce the AST & ALT of liver.
  • 2003 University of Tzu Chi discovered clam besides liver is also good for the health of heart, pancreas and kidney.

This information comes from goldenclam.com

How Is Your Liver Functioning?

The liver is the largest gland and solid organ in the body.

It weighs some 1.2Functions of the Liver kgs to 1.5 kgs. It is reddish brown in color and is divided into four lobes of unequal size and shape. The liver lies on the right side of the abdominal cavity beneath the diaphragm. It holds approximately 13% (about one pint or 0.57 litres) of the total blood supply at any given moment, works 24 hours a day and it has over 500 estimated functions.

A visible indicator of the state of your liver function is so-called “liver spots” or AGE spots on your face, arms and hands.

These spots are the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that when you see these spots on your skin there will be three to four times that much on the brain.  So, if you have a big liver spot on your skin, there will be three to four times that much discoloration on the brain. It’s called brain aging.

So how do we keep the body and brain youthful and vibrant and healthy?  By keeping the liver vibrant and healthy.

Your liver is able to function even while damaged to a large degree, masking your liver damage until it’s almost too late to recover. So pay attention to the symptoms which indicate liver problems.

Symptoms of liver overload:

  • Overweight; inability to lose weight;
  • High cholesterol;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Frequent headaches or migraines;
  • Skin blemishes, discolorations, warts and moles;
  • Acne, psoriasis, eczema; oily skin; rashes;
  • Upper and lower excessive gas;
  • Poor or inadequate digestion, heartburn, acid reflux; bloating after eating;
  • Bad breath;
  • Coated tongue when going without food for half or full day;
  • Constipation; diarrhea; Irritable Bowel Syndrome;
  • Allergies to foods and chemicals; environmental sensitivity; chemical intolerance;
  • Sugar cravings;
  • Excessive alcohol intake;
  • Itching;
  • Diminished eyesight;
  • Frequent or continued fatigue;
  • Hormonal imbalance; low sex drive, impotence;
  • Sluggish metabolism;
  • Sleep disorders; insomnia;
  • Excessive body heat;
  • Poor protein utilization;
  • Depression, unpleasant moods, mood swings, behavior swings or bi-polar disorder; anger;
  • Liver cancer;
  • Gall stones; gallbladder problems;
  • Fatty liver;
  • Low immune response; overburdened immune system;
  • Recurring colds, fevers and mucus;
  • Poor memory;
  • Mental fatigue;
  • Pre-mature aging;
  • Pre-mature graying;

There are many more symptoms associated with a poorly functioning liver, but these are some of the primary ones, and are directly related to liver overload.

Merely treating the symptoms — especially with more toxic pharmaceuticals — could seriously shorten your life, or ruin the quality of your life. So is there an alternative? Fortunately, yes. Essence of Golden Clams can assist recovery of your liver. essence-of-golden-clam

Essence of Golden Clams is from Taiwanese Golden Clams grown in the pristine waters of flowing mountain streams rich with green algae or chlorella in HuaLien, Taiwan, which is claimed to be one of the few remaining unpolluted spots in the world.

Concentrated famous HuaLien essence of golden clam packed with the perfect balance of essential amino acids, particularly Ornithine, Taurine and Arginine, which are very important to support liver’s detoxification process; Choline to prevent fatty liver; B vitamins and organic minerals; including zinc and calcium, essential to support healthy liver function; trace minerals; energy-boosting glycogen, and DHA. With abundance Glycogen that provides instant energy to keep one energetic whole day long and concentrate better.

A must for everybody! Especially when the food we consume is full of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, etc. which put a tremendous burden on the liver!

Easy to Consume:

Give a healthy twist to your favourites! Just add a sachet to soup base, porridge, noodles and steamed vegetables. Each sachet contains the concentrated essence of about 250 golden clams. A great way to keep you at your best, physically and mentally. FREE from any “fishy” taste.

Essence of Golden Clam Instant Drink does not contain any cholesterol, artificial colouring, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or preservatives.

Directions for Use:

Empty a sachet into 80-100cc of hot water for a delicious instant drink.
As dietary supplement: 1 sachet daily
For body enhancement purposes: 2 sachets daily


Clam extract 4.5g, Sea Salt, Garlic extract, Basil extract, Ginger extract, Flavouring [Disodium 5- Ribonucleotides E635 (flavour enhancer), Calcium phosphate E341 (acid regulator), Calcium lactate E327 (acid regulator), Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose E466 (emulsifier), Xanthan gum, Glycine E640 (flavour enhancer), Sorbitol E420 (sweetener)]

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 19 – Treat Yourself

Just a little bit…

I love chocolate. I get chocolate cravings. Problem is that eating lots of chocolate doesn’t seem to make the cravings go away. So recognizing this, rather than eating a whole heap of chocolate at once, I buy either choc chip cookies or a bar of chocolate and have a single piece or just 1 cookie when I get the craving.

I can make a small packet (200 grams, about 7 ounces) of choc chip cookies last 4 weeks. It’s a bit more difficult to make a bar of chocolate last, so I recommend the choc chip cookies.  I know processed cookies are not exactly superfoods, but hey! we all have to live a little.

Good luck!

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 18 – Eat Yogurt

Rev up your digestion…

A small serving of natural plain yogurt three times a day will provide your digestive system with natural probiotics like acidophilis and bifidus as well as providing a healthy snack to quell those hunger pangs and allow you to eat smaller meal portions.

Make sure the yogurt has no added sugar, is naturally cultured, of course organic would be best.

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 17 – Go Nuts!

Seeds count too…

Snacking on a small palmful of nuts like almonds, cashews or seeds like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds gives your a health boost by adding “good” fats and other essential nutrients to your diet. They satisfy your between meal hunger pangs in a very healthy way.

20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 16 – You Need Sleep

Sleep has many benefits…

Apart from the obvious benefit of being rested, sleep helps regulate the body’s production of the stree hormone cortisol. Cortisol, which helps regulate appetite, is increased when sleep is insufficient. Also, high levels of cortisol increase hunger and cravings.  Your body reacts to too little sleep by reducing its ability to burn carbohydrates, meaning an increase in stored fat.

So make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Are You Worthy?

I Learned Something New last week…

Someone said that people neglect their health because of their self-esteem issues. They feel they aren’t worthy of good health. I hadn’t thought about that before. It was a eye opener for me.

It’s interesting to consider this in view of the availability of healthy food options.

I don’t think it’s about affordability.  I don’t think it’s about ease of access. Healthy choices are also affordable and accessible.

The choices we make about whether we eat the healthy option or the not so good for us option tell a story. The story is what we tell ourselves in the self-talk in our heads.

We are all worthy of good health. I am, you are, we all  are.  There is no doubt.

I was reading Mike Adams (Natural News) article on Michael Jackson’s tragic death and the terrible state of Michael’s health and wondered about his mindset. Given that Michael had any and all food choices available to him why was he emaciated and unhealthy?