Top 10 Tips For Using the Ab Circle Pro

How to Make the most of it…

Ab Circle ProA while back I watched parts of an infomercial advertising the new Ab Circle Pro.

The Ab Circle Pro looked like an amazing machine, using a new way to exercise and the results they showed were remarkable.  Being able to achieve results like that on an exercise machine which was so different was just what I was looking for plus it actually looked like fun! I decided that it was time for me to check it out.

If you’re like many people you’re tired of trying to exercise lying on your back on the floor, tired of uncomfortable, boring exercise equipment that doesn’t work. Not to mention frustrated about not losing those extra pounds.

You’ve probably already tried almost anything to get rid of the flabby extra weight and get a more toned body. I’ll bet you’ve tried all types of diets and ab machines as well as all the miracle health supplements.

Many ab toning machines focus on repetitive motions that can, over time, actually become painful. These repetitive motions may also not exercise your core muscles in the most efficient way and actually hurt you back and neck.

The Ab Circle Pro eliminates those painful repetitions and replaces them with a natural, circular motion. By swinging around in almost a full circle, you’ll exercise your core muscles in such a way that is both natural and effective. Since gravity gets you moving and keeps you moving, you’ll find that it takes less power to exercise using the Ab Circle Pro. However, you’ll still get a very effective workout that tones your abs.

But the Ab Circle Pro does more than just work your core muscles. The swinging motion also functions as a cardiovascular workout, getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You can also remove the pin that holds the swinging base together to turn it into a buns, hips, and thighs machine. This allows you to tone your entire body.

Tone Your Entire Body with the Ab Circle Pro

Tone Your Entire Body with the Ab Circle Pro

If you haven’t seen the Ab Circle Pro yet, click here to visit the official Ab Circle Pro website.

The main questions that I wanted to answer were, The main questions that I wanted to answer were, Does the Ab Circle Pro really work and, Is it as easy as it looks?

Well, I’ve got to tell you that the Ab Circle Pro is great!!! In general, If you’re like me you probably don’t always trust “as seen on TV” products.  I do know that many of them do work great. By the way, do you know why some products are advertised on an Infomercial? Do they really work and, Is it as easy as it looks? Well, I’ve got to tell you that the reason products are shown on infomercials are:-

  • They are new to the market and experts can explain the benefits
  • They need to be demonstrated so we can understand how they work
  • They show the possible results

In short because it’s the most informative!

Imagine looking at the Ab Circle Pro just sitting in a box on shelf, no-one would ever understand or appreciate it!

By the way, you should know that I don’t usually get so excited about exercising but this product really makes it a lot of fun. All the other people I’ve talked to about it feel the same way.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking the infomercial show seemed to make some remarkable claims.  And you’re probably also wondering if you can get those kind of results as well. Based on my experiences, if you follow these tips from the beginning, it is possible to get the maximum results from the Ab Circle Pro (I wish somebody would have told me these things before I started using it).

Here are my Top 10 Tips for getting the most out of your Ab Circle Pro:

  1. Read the directions! I know this sounds boring and basic, but the Ab Circle Pro isn’t like anything else that you’ve ever used before. If you understand how it is intended to be used, you’ll be sure to get the most out of it. (I know this one sounds obvious, but there are so many people use it wrong and then complain that it didn’t work right).
  2. It’s easy and quick to set up, but make sure all the parts are intact and in good condition. If you have any concerns ring Customer Service immediately.
  3. Watch the supplied DVD – always take notice of the instructions.
  4. For extra comfort place some padding into the knee cups. Fold and place a hand towel or some other soft fabric the right size into the knee cups.
  5. Smear a little lubrication, like Vaseline, around the rim of the red disk – where the rollers run – to reduce friction.
  6. Because you are using a lot of energy using the Ab Circle Pro it may slide around while being used on hard floors. To prevent this, place the machine on a rug or carpet when you use it. This will ensure it doesn’t move around and will also save any scratches on your floor.
  7. Don’t get excited and try to use it on the highest incline when you start. Do start at the lowest level first.
  8. Don’t overdo it. Even if you think not much is happening, you’re wrong! The Ab Circle Pro works muscles that usually don’t get a lot of exercise and if you do too much too fast, you might hurt yourself or at least get very sore. So start slowly and do only 3-5 minutes per day until you start to strengthen your muscles.
  9. Use and enjoy it! You’ll feel like a kid again, swinging around and having an enjoyable workout without being the least bored. Don’t put it away under the bed. It doesn’t take up much space, so leave it out and make a regular time to use it.
  10. Like any exercise regime or machine you need to be persistent and consistent to get the results you want.

To summarize:-

The thing that I like most though about the Ab Circle Pro is that it provides a quick and effective workout that can be done from home at a time to suit me. Pull out your Ab Circle Pro, turn on the TV and get a real workout that won’t interfere with your busy schedule.

The biggest negatives about the Ab Circle Pro is that it can be a little hard on the knees if you don’t use some extra padding. If you have bad problems with your knees it’s probably not the best for you.

Because you are using your whole body weight and gravity to exercise, the machine will moves around a little bit if you use it on hard floor. However, I saw these as very minor problems that were easily solved.

A major positive is the ease of use, being able to get a quick and effective exercise at home instead of those expensive and inconvenient gym visits.

I know that there are so many people out there hoping and praying they have finally found a great product really can do all that it promises. And I know that every time you watch the infomercial you wonder if it’s possible that one product can give you such dramatic results? Well, take my advice, now is the right time to stop wondering and go find out for yourself. That’s because the people over at Ab Circle Pro are offering a special limited time offer that allows you to get a 30-Day No Risk trial of the Ab Circle Pro for only US$14.95.

Ab Circle Pro Results

Impressed by these results? Click Here to Visit the Official Ab Circle Pro Website.

For only US$14.95, you owe it to yourself to see how well the Ab Circle Pro can work for you. You have nothing to lose except those love handles.

Offer may redirect

How to Stop Cancer

It’s just over a year since a good friend told us he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has not been forgotten. As a lifelong fitness fan and non-smoker he was the last person you would expect to suffer from that horrendous disease.

Tragically three months after his diagnosis he passed away.

I now keep an eye out for anti-cancer information and pass it on.  I’ve found an interesting book written by a Ph.D which contains independently verified information and meets The American Cancer Society (ACS) criteria by which mainstream and alternative cancer treatments are measured. They do this by asking three questions:

  1. Has the method been objectively demonstrated in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to be effective?
  2. Has the method shown potential for benefit that clearly exceeds the potential for harm?
  3. Have objective studies been correctly conducted under appropriate peer review to answer these questions?

The author believes his information meets these criteria.  So I’d recommend you seriously consider looking further into this new information.

You can find more about the book HERE.

Pure Acai Berry with 180 Day Guarantee

All Natural Acai…

So you’ve heard all about the fast weight loss power, of the humble Acai Berry, right?Acai Berries in Baskets

Yes it’s true. Acai really can turbocharge your weight loss efforts. And as it’s also packed to the brim with a host of amazing nutrients, including Resveratrol and Anthocyanins. It can also give your overall health a boost too.

And it’s ALL natural, which in a world of scary pharmaceutical side effects, is both refreshing and VERY reassuring.

But my research has uncovered some essential info you need, before you whip out the magic plastic and head towards a slim, sexy and healthy new you!

As with any new weight loss product, there are a host of companies fighting for your hard earned cash. But be warned: NOT ALL ACAI IS CREATED EQUAL.

Don’t worry though, as I’m going to share with you exactly what makes an Acai supplement effective and the one company I have found, that meets all these requirements and more.

Why buy PureAcaiBerry™ today ?

  • Made from the purest, organic, freeze dried, Acai Berry
  • Ingredients clinically proven to suppress your appetite and help you to lose weight
  • 1500mg per day of 100% pure ACAI BERRY
  • High demand means stocks are low – don’t delay!
  • Pure Acai Berry™ will work for YOU or your money back!

Why take PureAcaiBerry™?

  • Suppresses your appetite – helping you eat less every day
  • Conserve carbohydrates, while shedding fat.
  • Lose 1lb – 5lb per week for fast and safe weight loss
  • Purest Acai money can buy, means best value for your mony
  • Increase your metabolism. Faster metabolism = more weight loss.

Proven credentials – no side effects and no risk to your health

OK, let’s look at exactly what’s absolutely essential, for an Acai product to be effective.

  • It MUST be FREEZE DRIED! Many companies will try and cut costs by using inferior processing techniques, such as spraying or air drying. Don’t be fooled.
  • It must be ORGANIC and have an authentic ORAC rating certificate. Guaranteeing you get the full power of the Acai berry.
  • You need 500mg to 1000mg of ACAI BERRY a day to see real benefits. Anything less will not give you the fast weight loss you have read about.

Check out the following video from FOX News on Acai Berry:

With PureAcaiBerry™ you are guaranteed to get:

  • Fast, healthy weight loss!
  • 100% pure Acai, not an extract
  • Zero fillers or binders
  • Organic and FREEZE DRIED complete with ORAC certificate
  • No rip off “Free Trials”. Order when YOU want
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back
  • 1500mg per day of 100% pure ACAI BERRY

You may have seen the host of Acai “Free Trial” sites, springing up like a virus across the web. Unfortunately they look so tempting, it’s easy to fall for their apparent charms.


‘Acai Free Trials” are actually a subscription system where you will be sent a new bottle every month . . . whether you ask for it or not.

Once they get your credit card details, which they tell is just to pay for the shipping costs, they’ll actually bill you every month.

Unfortunately, they bury this fact in the small print and you will spend hour after frustrating hour trying to cancel.

And to make it even worse, these companies will even charge you at least twice the cost of Pure Acai Berry, but for spray or air dried Acai Berry.

As this costs half the amount to produce and has no where near the effectiveness of freeze dried Pure Acai Berry, you really are spending WAY MORE than you need to.

And don’t forget . . . it’s freeze drying that retains Acai’s weight loss effectiveness. All the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants are lost if it’s not freeze dried.

So just keep in mind . . . Nobody Is Going To Give You Something For Free!

You’ll be relieved to know Pure Acai Berry do not offer free trials. What they do offer is superb value for money. I couldn’t find another product to match them.

Full money-back guarantee so you can enjoy risk-free weight loss

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the Pure Acai Berry guarantee offers exceptional peace of mind. And it’s a truly rare feeling in this day and age.

They are REALLY putting their money where their mouth is, by offering an amazing
6 month (180 day) TOTAL SATISFACTION or money back guarantee.

So not only will you experience fast weight loss and improved health, you’ll be doing it completely RISK FREE!

After extensive research, I am convinced there is simply no better Acai product available. I’m also convinced that once you try Pure Acai Berry . . . you’ll think so too.

In addition, you will receive:

  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Full 6 month money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Fast, discreet, and free shipping
  • A massive 90 pills per box
  • 1500mg of 100% PURE Acai Berry
    per day.

As proof towards the purity and quality of Pure Acai Berry ™, they only allow a maximum order of 6 boxes per customer. As demand is so high, it’s obviously difficult to manufacture enough of Pure Acai at this quality level.

And with that demand set to rise, due to growing public awareness, I recommend that you buy as much Pure Acai Berry ™ as you need right now.

Once YOU experience how effective it is, you won’t want to find yourself staring at an ‘Out Of Stock’ message on their order page!

Click To Order
Click To Order

The limit of 6 boxes per customer could well be lowered, should demand exceed supply for any length of time. After all, it’s an all natural product remember, and you can’t hurry nature along!

    A New Range of Superfood Vegetables

    Vital Vegetables…

    “Hundreds of years of natural farming and selection have resulted in a huge genetic variation in all vegetable types. Vital Vegetables® mines this natural diversity to discover varieties that are high in powerful, long-lasting antioxidants, as well as being great tasting and long-lasting.

    Vital Vegetables® are selected and grown using only traditional growing and farming techniques – no genetic engineering is used in any way. They are also owned and grown by local growers using sustainable farming practices, including minimal fertiliser and water use.

    All Vital Vegetables® have the same fresh taste of regular vegetable varieties the only difference is they are packed with more antioxidants to boost your natural defences and vitality.

    Booster BroccoliTM – the super powered broccolibroccoli

    Booster BroccoliTM is the first in a range of Vital Vegetables® and looks just like any other regular broccoli.

    Booster BroccoliTM is a brassica variety that contains over 40 percent more active antioxidants than regular broccoli varieties. It has been scientifically proven to contain significantly higher levels of the power antioxidant, sulforaphane (SF) than other regular varieties of broccoli. Sulforaphane is a long-lasting antioxidant that has been proven to protect humans from serious disease if consumed several times a week according to studies and clinical trials (Juge et al. 2007; Jeffery & Araya 2009; Traka & Mithen 2009).

    Studies indicate that 70grams of Booster BroccoliTM should be consumed at least three times a week for maximum health benefits. The strong antioxidant ability of SF stimulates the body’s natural defense systems and has been shown to reduce inflammation that can lead to heart disease (Wu et al. 2004).

    In time, Vital Vegetables® will research and grow a whole range of antioxidant-rich vegetables including tomatoes, corn, capsicum, cauliflower and lettuce.”

    This article is from Vital Vegetables – see a recipe below

    Creamy Booster BroccoliTM Chicken Pasta By Dr. Joanna McMillan Price (nutritionist)

    A delightfully quick and healthy pasta dish combining the natural goodness of Booster Broccoli with spanish onion, garlic, chicken and cream cheese.

    400g penne pasta,
    2tb olive oil,
    1 red onion (finely diced),
    2 cloves garlic (finely sliced),
    500g chicken breasts (sliced),
    1tb plain unbleached flour,
    1 glass (100ml) white wine,
    1 cup low fat milk,
    3tb cream cheese,
    1 head broccoli(cut into florets),
    pinch sea salt,
    ground black pepper


    1. Bring large pan of water to boiling and add pasta, stirring every so often to prevent it sticking together. Once al dente drain and set aside.
    2. While pasta is cooking, heat the oil in a large flat non-stick pan and sauté the onion and garlic and softened (about 5 minutes).
    3. Add the chicken and brown all over.
    4. Sprinkle over the flour and stir to coat before adding the wine and milk. Stir well, reduce the heat to simmer and cook for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.
    5. Stir in the cream cheese, season to taste and add the broccoli, Cook for a few minutes to soften the broccoli but do not over cook. The broccoli should remain a bright green colour.
    6. Stir through cooked pasta and serve immediately topped with a little grated parmesan cheese.

    BARLEYmax® – New Superfood – as seen on ACA

    New Superfoods in the news…


    CSIRO scientists can’t stop talking about the cereal discovery that they believe is helping to control diabetes, improve digestion, reduce weight and lower cholesterol. In the science world the words ‘supergrain’ and ‘resistant starch’ are huge right now, and our team of testers give us the half-time results of their 100-day trial of the new Barleymax cereal.

    I’ve seen this cereal for sale in Woolworths.

    “It might look like another breakfast cereal — but this supergrain is a scientific breakthrough that has the potential to save lives.

    Australian scientists have developed BARLEYmax® (BARLEYmax is a trademark of CSIRO Australia) — an all-natural grain that amazingly can help you stay slim, while helping to fight cancer and diabetes.

    Its health benefits are supported by clinical trials conducted by CSIRO and published in scientific journals.

    How does it work?

    It has twice as much fibre as any other cereal, so more of it ends up in the large intestine.

    • It contains high levels resistant-starch to help build healthy intestinal bacteria.
    • It contains bacteria that can stave off serious disease, constipation and irritiable bowel-related illnesses.

    What evidence is there?

    CSIRO Human Nutrition’s animal and human trials found:

    BARLEYmax® breakfast cereals had a GI Glycaemic index (GI) of 50, compared to a conventional barley cereal GI of 77.

    • The GL (glycaemic load) was only 40 per cent of most barley cereals and led to a substantially lower insulin response.
    • BARLEYmax® has high levels of β-Glucan , a soluble fibre with cholesterol lowering properties.

    What does it taste like?

    The natural sweetness of means it has an appealing taste without added sugar.

    Where can it be used?

    BARLEYmax® can be used to produce:

    • extruded and rolled breakfast cereals
    • breads
    • muffins
    • health bars”

    This product was developed in Australia by the CSIRO – Enquiries to

    Thanks to A Current Affair for this article.

    What are Superfoods?

    … Acai Berry and more

    What makes something a superfood?  There is no dictionary definition. I consider a superfood to be a food which is relatively high in nutrient value and relatively low in calories. It’s a nutrient dense food, so you need to eat less to benefit, plus superfoods usually contain specific antioxidants and other nutrients which aren’t available in ordinary foods. Whoever said “variety is the spice of life” was certainly correct.

    Superfoods are also those foods that do such things as lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In other words, they have several benefits to them that ordinary foods don’t have. The Acai Berry is one of those foods. It provides energy, helps you to lose weight faster, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and consequently may help prevent several serious diseases like heart disease. Acai Berry is not the only superfood, but is part of a family of superfoods.

    Acai Berries

    What are so other Superfoods that you can eat on a regular basis?

    Apart from the amazing Acai Berry, another healthy berry is blueberries, as well as potassium and vitamin C, blueberries have been shown to lower the incidence of heart disease. They are also anti-inflammatory.

    Here are some everyday superfoods you already know about:

    • Fish is a superfood in that it contains Omega 3 fatty acids and a number of vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and blood clotting. They also assist in promoting heart health.
    • Bananas provide you with energy and contain of antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart disease.
    • Kiwi Fruit is amongst the 5 most nutritious fruits in the world. They have fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. It is also full of antioxidants that fight disease.
    • Green Tea is a wonderful superfood full of polyphenols and antioxidants beneficial to your health.

    Most people can get easy access to green tea and foods like fish, blueberries, bananas and kiwi fruit to enhance their diet.  So how do you get your hands on Acai Berries?  In case you don’t already know, Acai Berry is the fruit of the acai palm which only grows in the Amazon Rain Forest. It is highly perishable so is very difficult to obtain as a fresh berry.

    Get started with Acai Berry

    If you currently have a healthy diet adding acai berry to your diet will enhance your well-being so you have more energy to live life to the full.

    If your diet is not as healthy as you would like, start with something such as an Acai Berry capsule. PureAcaiBerry has such a capsule that contains 1500mg of Acai Berry that is immediately vacuum sealed and not altered in any way. That way you get the most out of this superfood. Throw in the other superfoods and you are well on your way to achieving good health.

    Visit PureAcaiBerry to experience the best of Acai Berry!

    Free Acai Berry Scams and Frauds! What to Avoid!

    Acai Berry is a hot item right now. Why? Acai Berry is an exciting new superfood (to most of us, anyway) nutritional discovery because research has shown the nutrient dense berry consists of antioxidants that can fight against disease and aging.  Plus it also gives you a lot more energy and aids in weight loss and detoxification. People are keen to get Acai Berry supplements because they want to receive the benefits of the berry in a very convenient way. Otherwise, because it’s so perishable, you may have to travel to the Amazon Rain Forest to get it. Acai Berries in Baskets

    • When you to do some research online you’ll need to know there are certain things you look for before buying. Those things include:
    • The Acai Berry is certified organic – This means you are not being exposed to chemicals or pesticides.
    • Acai Berry deteriorates very quickly after picking, so it needs to be processed within 24 hours of harvest. This is an indicator of a high quality supplement.
    • The harvested Acai Berry needs to be freeze dried rather than not spray dried so the quality of the fruit is preserved.
    • Overheating Acai Berry damages the nutritional value. Quality Acai Berry juice must be flash-pasteurized, which keeps it from the overly high heat of the pasteurization process.
    • There should be absolutely no fillers or any chemical preservatives.

    These tips will help you understand that not all products containing Acai Berry are created equal. The truth is actually just the opposite. If you look for the all properties above, then you can find a high quality product. One Acai Berry product with the right qualities is PureAcaiBerry where you will receive 1500mg of Acai Berry. You only need 1000mg to receive the benefits, however PureAcaiBerry gives you more to help you fast track your journey to health. You get more and can have the capsules delivered right to your door so that you can start losing weight and feel much more energetic and healthier.

    Some Acai Berry products are marketed with a “free trial” period. While this is perfectly legal you should read the fine print as you may find you are committing to regular monthly delivery which may be difficult to cancel.

    PureAcaiBerry don’t have a free trial system, they simply deliver what you pay for and give you a Money Back Guarantee on their product. So you won’t have any unpleasant or expensive surprises.

    So go with quality and openness of AcaiBerryPure and don’t fall for the scams and frauds on the Internet.  Visit PureAcaiBerry to experience the best of Acai Berry!

    How to Lose 25 Pounds with Acai Berry

    If you’re like most people you want to lose a little weight. Some may want to lose a lot. Everyone wants to lose it fast.

    Of course there are healthy ways to lose weight and those which are not so healthy.

    Healthy choices include lowering your intake of bad fats and sugar. Beware of processed foods, they contain lots of both.

    Adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is essential. Adding Acai Berry to your diet will help fast track your weight loss, especially if you want to lose more than a few pounds.

    Essential EatingAcai Palm & Berries

    Acai Berry contains significant quantities of compounds known as anthocyanins. These compounds are the same ones thought to be responsible for giving red wine its widely reported health benefits. In addition to these anthocyanins, Acai berries are known to contain large amounts of protein and fiber, as well as both omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These omega fatty acids have been studied for years as a way to protect the heart from damage, and they may be able to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thereby providing possible protection from heart attacks, strokes and other common cardiovascular complications

    Acai Berry adds a lot of nutrition to your diet but does not replace other fruits and vegetables. Different fruits and vegetables have a wide array of nutrients to ensure your body receives a balanced dietary intake. Including lean protein and foods high in fiber help reduce hunger pangs and cravings.

    When incorporating Acai Berry into your diet, you have some options, including:

    • Dried or frozen Acai Berries are available but they may be hard to find in your area.  Similar to blueberries, you can use Acai Berry as a cereal topping, in smoothies, in yogurt, in cookies, or in muffins.
    • Acai Berry in a liquid extract provides higher concentration of the nutrients.
    • Acai Berry in capsule form is the easiest, and perhaps the best, to consume. When selecting Acai Berry in capsule form you need to ensure the quality of the product. Another benefit of capsules is that you can consume it without the need to add it to other food (so reducing the quantity of food you eat)

    Essential Exercise

    Don’t forget that exercise is a very important. Unfortunately, diet doesn’t work as well by itself although it is extremely important when you want to lose weight. The combination of exercise and healthy dietary choices helps you burn fat and you also increase your metabolism so that you properly process the foods that you eat.

    So together with adding Acai Berry to a balanced diet and exercising, you should be able to take off those stubborn 25 pounds or more.

    Visit to experience the best of Acai Berry!

    Toxic Indoor Air – The Pollution Within

    What are you really breathing?

    The days of our homes being constructed from natural materials is long gone.

    Sources of Indoor Pollution
    Sources of Indoor Pollution

    Our homes (and offices) are full of chemicals. Chemicals are commonly used in the construction materials, our furniture, flooring materials, household cleaning products etc – and that’s just a start. Other issues are molds, fungus, off-gases produced from heating systems, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, dust, dust mites and more.

    According to the EPA: In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air, especially in the largest and most industrialized cities.

    Research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater indoors due to exposure to air pollution than outdoors. (EPA Document # 402-k-93-007, April 1995)

    When indoor air pollution levels are high enough to be dangerous and expensive attempts through conventional air filtration methods have failed, the building is classified as “sick building”.

    However, it’s the people inside that get sick – not the building!

    Don’t despair there is an answer to your indoor air pollution concerns click below to find out more.

    What to Look When Choosing an Acai Berry Product

    Where Is It Harvested?Acai Berry Palm

    The Acai palm grows in the Amazon rainforest, and except for the local natives who have used the nutrient dense acai berry for centuries. Few other people get to experience acai berries fresh off the tree.

    Why Can’t We Buy Fresh Acai Berry?

    Unless you live in or near Brazil, eating fresh Acai is next to impossible. The berries are delicate . They degenerate rapidly and lose their potency, therefore cannot be transported. Fortunately advancements in flash freezing has meant that acai berry can now be more easily preserved and converted into supplements, purees, juices and powders for different uses. The popularity of the Acai Berry has lead to research which has shown how nutritious it is that has led to the different products that are now available online.

    Despite acai berries numerous endorsements by Julia Roberts, Rachel Ray and Brad Pitt (during his filming of ‘Burn after Reading’), the only real source for purchasing this nutrient dense product is online, although some products using diluted forms are now being sold offline.

    The best methods of preservation retain 100% its nutrients. However, there are other methods that actually strip the Acai Berry of its powerful antioxidants and the benefits are not quite as extensive as what the berry can actually provide.

    What Type of Acai Berry Products are Best?

    Of the products you can purchase, you can buy Acai Berry dried, into juices, powders, and into capsule form. Acai Berry Juice is great for making drinks, the dried form can make for cereal toppings, and the powders can also be used for a number of purposes, including making capsules.

    When it comes to capsules, you want one that has 100% Acai that is unaltered so that you can benefit from it for 100%. PureAcaiBerry is that capsule because the powder is 100% unaltered. You’re getting 1500mg of the highest grade Acai that money can buy. It is certified organic and pure and guarantees you energy and quick weight loss.

    One acai berry product we recommend is PureAcaiBerry. Made from 100% pure, unaltered acai berry, this product is easily the most potent acai berry product on the market offering consumers 1500mg per a serving. However, the most notable element to this supplement is its backing and credentials:

    • Certified Organic
    • Certificates of analysis and purity
    • Immediate fast weight loss from day one
    • Quality assured, produced in CGMP facilities
    • Powerful antioxidant support – highest ORAC rating

    Is It Worth the Investment?

    You can order PureAcaiBerry online and have it delivered to your door for a cost that is affordable and well worth the benefits to your health. To ensure maximum health benefits it is important to have pure Acai so you can be confident you are getting the pure fruit.

    Visit to experience the best of Acai Berry!

    Can I Get A Free Trial?

    As we most things in life, nothing is really free. Free trials work by allowing a limited free period, after which you will be billed for the product you have received, plus in the process you agree to receive product on a monthly basis. Some of the companies who offer this type of product are very difficult to contact to cancel your order.

    I am very pleased to say that PureAcaiBerry does not offer a free trial, You pay for the product you need and are not billed every month. I tell you right now this is not the cheapest Acai Berry product on the market but it is by far the best. 90 pills and 1500mg per serving, you get more than the competitors and the best quality – so per a pill it is the most cost effective.

    Ab Circle Pro – How to Assemble and Use

    Out of the Box…

    I just found this great new video showing the Ab Circle Pro coming out of the box, being assembled and used for the first time.  See what you think, I think it look easy and fun.

    Redefining Food

    Strong Foods, Weak Foods…

    I found a great link on Twitter today. It directed to an article on childhood obesity. Or more specifically, it discussed a way to teach children to avoid bad foods.

    Teach children to consider good, healthy foods as Strong foods and bad, unhealthy foods as Weak foods.  The original idea was to set-up two tables and actually display the Strong and Weak foods, however this could also be done with pictures instead of the real thing.

    Nutrient Rich Food Choices
    Nutrient Rich Food Choices

    Strong Foods like:-

    • Nuts
    • Fruit
    • Water
    • Vegetables
    • Lean protein
    • Dairy products
    • In general quality foods in their natural state

    Weak foods like:-

    • Sugar
    • Fats
    • Processed foods
    • Pizza
    • Sodas
    • Fried foods, like french fries
    • In general high calorie, high fat, high sugar foods

    The logic is that kids like to be strong and will avoid weakness.  This removes the connotations of “good” and “bad”. Some kids like to think they are bad but no-one takes pride in being weak do they?

    It’s a concept I’ve not heard before and I think makes a great deal of sense. Let me know if you do too.

    Fat Busting Tips – Bonus Tip 4 – Spicy Satay Sauce

    Spicy Satay Sauce.

    This one does have some added oil, and of course the peanuts have some fats, so don’t overdo it! Use when grilling skinless chicken pieces.

    Peanut Base

    • 1 1/2 cups of dry roasted peanuts (if you use salted ones don’t add any more salt).
    • 1 tablespoon Indonesian sweet soy sauce

    Blend together into a coarse texture.

    Spice Paste

    • 1 tablespoon coriander powder
    • 6 dried red chilies – remove seeds and soak in warm water
    • 3 cloves of garlic – finely chopped
    • Small piece of fresh ginger – grated
    • 1/2 red onion – finely chopped

    Mix together.

    Heat 1/4 cup rice bran oil and fry the mixed paste ingredients until aromatic fragrance is released.

    Add the Peanut Base ingredients and juice of tamarind (soak dried tamarind in warm water for 15 minutes and squeeze out) – discard the tamarind pulp. This gives a tangy taste. If you can’t find tamarind you can substitute lime juice.

    Stir and cook for around 5 minutes.

    Add a touch or sugar or salt to balance the taste to your preference.

    Brush over chicken while grilling and use as a dipping sauce.