Pure Acai Berry – Are You Sure Your Acai Berry Products Are Pure?

Pure Acai Berry has become a very popular supplement to aid in weight loss and nutrition.? This popularity is in part due to the media coverage of the fruit grown in the Amazon on shows like Oprah to magazines such as Newsweek. Naturally due to its popularity many copy cat products have been released all with varying levels of quality. Many have made claims that border on unbelievable like “you can lose 24 pounds in only two weeks”. If you really look into these marginal products you’ll find they don’t usually contain much pure Acai berry in any at all.

The legitimate scientific community has proven that pure Acai berry contains many nutrients beneficial to our bodies. Studies show the level of antioxidants is 20 times that of red grapes and 3 times that of blueberries.?? The berry packs a punch when it comes to amino and omega fatty acids and fiber which all offer wonderful health benefits. These high concentrations of nutrients all in one food allow you to eat less but nourish your body efficiently.

The benefits of antioxidants are seemingly endless.? They protect against disease by helping strengthen your immune system. They battle the aging process by cleaning out the free radicals roaming through your body. All this adds up to you feeling and looking younger with the help of pure Acai berry. Antioxidants are known to increase energy, stamina, eyesight, mental function and your general sense of well being. All these benefits and I haven’t even mentioned the high level of vitamins and minerals and glutathione levels antioxidants help your body maintain.

As mentioned before many Acai products only offer a blend of various other ingredients along with the Acai berry. One famous product, Monavie includes cheaper juices like cranberry, apple and grape blended with an Acai berry puree and/or powder. While these blends can be healthy they don’t often warrant the price tag that comes with them.? Especially when you could get the same nutrients from a simple bottle of vegetable juice.? ?

You can get pure Acai berry products in a number of different forms. Perhaps the most popular form of pure Acai berry is freeze dried powders.? This form allows the highest percentage of nutrients and compounds to be retained in the production process. It’s important to read the labels of Acai berry products especially if you want to be sure to use 100% Acai berry compounds that don’t contain other fruits or fillers.

If you are considering a product you can assume if no ingredient listing is available on the packaging that it is a blended product produced with less expensive products and not Pure Acai Berry.

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