What to Look When Choosing an Acai Berry Product

Where Is It Harvested?Acai Berry Palm

The Acai palm grows in the Amazon rainforest, and except for the local natives who have used the nutrient dense acai berry for centuries. Few other people get to experience acai berries fresh off the tree.

Why Can’t We Buy Fresh Acai Berry?

Unless you live in or near Brazil, eating fresh Acai is next to impossible. The berries are delicate . They degenerate rapidly and lose their potency, therefore cannot be transported. Fortunately advancements in flash freezing has meant that acai berry can now be more easily preserved and converted into supplements, purees, juices and powders for different uses. The popularity of the Acai Berry has lead to research which has shown how nutritious it is that has led to the different products that are now available online.

Despite acai berries numerous endorsements by Julia Roberts, Rachel Ray and Brad Pitt (during his filming of ‘Burn after Reading’), the only real source for purchasing this nutrient dense product is online, although some products using diluted forms are now being sold offline.

The best methods of preservation retain 100% its nutrients. However, there are other methods that actually strip the Acai Berry of its powerful antioxidants and the benefits are not quite as extensive as what the berry can actually provide.

What Type of Acai Berry Products are Best?

Of the products you can purchase, you can buy Acai Berry dried, into juices, powders, and into capsule form. Acai Berry Juice is great for making drinks, the dried form can make for cereal toppings, and the powders can also be used for a number of purposes, including making capsules.

When it comes to capsules, you want one that has 100% Acai that is unaltered so that you can benefit from it for 100%. PureAcaiBerry is that capsule because the powder is 100% unaltered. You’re getting 1500mg of the highest grade Acai that money can buy. It is certified organic and pure and guarantees you energy and quick weight loss.

One acai berry product we recommend is PureAcaiBerry. Made from 100% pure, unaltered acai berry, this product is easily the most potent acai berry product on the market offering consumers 1500mg per a serving. However, the most notable element to this supplement is its backing and credentials:

  • Certified Organic
  • Certificates of analysis and purity
  • Immediate fast weight loss from day one
  • Quality assured, produced in CGMP facilities
  • Powerful antioxidant support – highest ORAC rating

Is It Worth the Investment?

You can order PureAcaiBerry online and have it delivered to your door for a cost that is affordable and well worth the benefits to your health. To ensure maximum health benefits it is important to have pure Acai so you can be confident you are getting the pure fruit.

Visit www.PureAcaiBerry.com to experience the best of Acai Berry!

Can I Get A Free Trial?

As we most things in life, nothing is really free. Free trials work by allowing a limited free period, after which you will be billed for the product you have received, plus in the process you agree to receive product on a monthly basis. Some of the companies who offer this type of product are very difficult to contact to cancel your order.

I am very pleased to say that PureAcaiBerry does not offer a free trial, You pay for the product you need and are not billed every month. I tell you right now this is not the cheapest Acai Berry product on the market but it is by far the best. 90 pills and 1500mg per serving, you get more than the competitors and the best quality – so per a pill it is the most cost effective.

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  1. I was so disappointed when I first found out that all berries have to be pasteurized when going into juices and smoothies, etc. It’s good to know that the capsule form is the pure and unaltered thing!

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