Book Review – “Cancer – Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger

The book being reviewed is called “Cancer – Step Outside The Box” by Ty Bollinger.  Click the title or HERE to read about the author, and more about his book.

This is not my review, it’s a review of someone far more knowledgeable than me, please read it now.

“Ty Bollinger taught me many things about cancer I didn’t know. Coming from most people, this would be a mild compliment. Coming from me, it is somewhat more than that. You see, I have studied natural cancer treatments every day for the last eight years. I’ve written two books and 100 newsletters on the subject. I’ve given 25 workshops around the country on Beating Cancer-Gently. I “coach” about 10-12 people a week on the phone. They are people who have read one of my books. I coach them on the details of “what I would do if I were them.” Ty’s research and writing are superb. He has collected all the data on the history of alternative cancer treatments and prepared this vital information for you in a very readable style. I will read this book a second time shortly to make sure I didn’t miss anything. If you or a loved one have cancer, you MUST read this book. There is no other book which presents this subject in layman’s language with the thoroughness of Ty’s book.”

What makes this book so superbly useful is that Ty gives you the complete explanation of the background of the treatment — who discovered it, exactly how it works, what type of cancer it should be used for — and then tells you how to order the substance or contact the clinic or medical professional who can administer it.

Believe me, you cannot find this information in as complete and current a form anywhere else — not even in my own books. Just buy it. You won’t be sorry.

Bill Henderson,  North Carolina, USA, Author of Cure Your Cancer & Cancer Free,

3 thoughts on “Book Review – “Cancer – Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger”

  1. It was quite by Divine intervention I believe that I found Ty Bollinger’s book. I made a mental note that I was going to get it as soon as I was able to raise the money to pay for it. ~ You see, I have been told by my oncologist that my lung cancer was teminal because the cancer had spread to my liver plus other places in my body. I was scheduled for lung cancer surgery but a full body scan showed other cancer areas and therefore my surgery was cancelled. So I was sent home. ChemoTherapy was offered and suggested, stating that it may extend my survival time. I had done some research regarding ChemoTherapy and did not like the possible and probable side effects. I had lung cancer removal 11 years ago and then throat lymph node cancer a year after and under went Radiation Therapy and I am still feeling the negative effects in my body from that. I like what Ty Bollinger says in his book which gave me a spark of hope. I told my baby sister about it and she went got it for me right away and sent it to me. I read it and I will be trying a recipe that one of Ty Bollinger’s readers rcommends as his testimonial that he gave is very similar cancer that I now have. ~ I highly recommend the book. Even my own Doctor has asked if he could borrow the book which I loaned to him right away. I had told him what I was doing. It turns out his wife has cancer and given a survival time about the same as mine. Thanks Ty Bollinger!

  2. Ty Bollinger is a wonderful man. He so kindly let me download his book free of charge and I will be eternally grateful for that. My parents died of cancer. My mother died over 37 years ago when she was only 42, then my dad when he was 59. They both died painful horrible deaths. My beloved sister now has secondary bone cancer and I am hoping I am not too late to be able to find cure for her. Ty’s book gives so much information for the reader to follow and saves so much time and angst trying to google “cures for cancer” Thanks a million Ty. God Bless you.

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