How to Stop Cancer

It’s just over a year since a good friend told us he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has not been forgotten. As a lifelong fitness fan and non-smoker he was the last person you would expect to suffer from that horrendous disease.

Tragically three months after his diagnosis he passed away.

I now keep an eye out for anti-cancer information and pass it on.  I’ve found an interesting book written by a Ph.D which contains independently verified information and meets The American Cancer Society (ACS) criteria by which mainstream and alternative cancer treatments are measured. They do this by asking three questions:

  1. Has the method been objectively demonstrated in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to be effective?
  2. Has the method shown potential for benefit that clearly exceeds the potential for harm?
  3. Have objective studies been correctly conducted under appropriate peer review to answer these questions?

The author believes his information meets these criteria.  So I’d recommend you seriously consider looking further into this new information.

You can find more about the book HERE.

3 thoughts on “How to Stop Cancer”

  1. There are so many claims that hydrogen peroxide and oxygen therapy can cure cancer, and other things too. I’ve been doing lots of reading of this online but found that people who actually tried it didn;t work for them. It’s unfortunate because it sounded like a legitimate treatment and alternative to chemo.

  2. There are actually a lot of treatments for cancer yet all this time we never found the best one which can give a riil solution to this problem. we hope a new great invention of cancer treatment so far.

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