Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 5 – Acid/Alkaline Imbalance

The Acid /Alkaline Imbalance

We are alkaline creatures who require slightly alkaline blood pH of 7.35 to 7.45 to allow correct oxygenation of our blood so the body’s vital processes can function properly. A reading above or below this range means our body is under stress, leading to illness, disease or worse.

Normal blood pH has a very small window of acid/alkaline pH balance.

How does an acidic pH occur? From the foods we eat, (poor diet and acidic food), water, stress, intake of toxins, poor immune system. An acidic balance decreases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and decreases the body’s ability to detoxify, leading to an impaired immune system. Plus your reserves of minerals will be depleted as your body tries to compensate for an acidic pH by using up your reserves of alkaline minerals.

It is important to understand that the pH thing is not just a piece of fancy chemistry we don’t need to worry too much about. Here are just three simple reasons why:

  • If our body pH sinks below 4.0. we die.
  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi and all disease-producing organisms flourish in an acidic medium and die in alkaline conditions. The same is true of Cancer cells. So once our body pH starts to drop below neutral, we are opening the door for disease right there.
  • All the many Enzymes required for every function in our bodies will not work under acid conditions.

So if we keep our body fluids alkaline, we are setting up the first line of defence against disease and aging.

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Certified Organic Wheatgrass Powder

I’ve confirmed that our Wheatgrass is Certified Organic.

Nn Wheatgrass Powder uses organically grown young shoots of wheatgrass harvested when levels of nutrients and plant compounds are at their peak.

The production process retains all the vital nutrients – vitamins, alkaline minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, antioxidants and fibre. The easily digestible form allows your body to fully integrate and utilise the health-building nutrients it provides.

Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 4 – Eliminating Toxins

There are both external toxins (which we breathe in and absorb through our skin) and internal toxins (from water, food containing preservatives, additives, colorings, stabilizers and the like, medications, cell degeneration, free radicals, stress and other lifestyle issues).

Undigested food causes toxins – carbohydrates ferment, protein putrefies, fats turn rancid – all causing production of toxins. Slow movement through your digestive system (constipation) causes toxins to be absorbed by the body.

How do you help prevent these problems? Some ideas are:-

  • Correct diet and lifestyle choices – eat natural superfoods and get exercise

  • Proper digestion – consume Japanese Plum Balls and TummyTrimm
  • Antioxidants to combat free radicals which damage your cells and impair cellular function – Stabilized Rice Bran contains over 110 antioxidants.
  • Drink pure, energized water – Hexagon Water
  • Consume Chlorella to detoxify your body

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Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 3 – Avoiding Toxins

Some basic commonsense tips on avoiding toxins in your life:

  • Use glass instead of plastic – toxins can leach out of plastic
  • Avoid using chemicals in your home
  • Clean with steam instead of chemicals
  • If renovating an older home – beware of old lead-based paint
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid dry-cleaning your clothes. If you must dry-clean, unwrap your clothes as soon as possible and air them outside for at least an hour
  • If you can afford it, buy organic food, or at least avoid processed foods

  • Purify your water – see our Hexagon Water System
  • THINK before you do anything, will it help or harm you?

PLUS you can remove toxins from your body using:

Chlorella -with cracked cell wall – traps toxins and facilitates removal

Super Kino Foot Detox Plasters – an external method of detoxifiying

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Green Tea Makes Antibiotics More Effective

Green tea can help beat superbugs according to Egyptian scientists speaking today (Monday 31 March 2008) at the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting being held this week at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

The pharmacy researchers have shown that drinking green tea helps the action of important antibiotics in their fight against resistant superbugs, making them up to three times more effective.

Green tea is a very common beverage in Egypt, and it is quite likely that patients will drink green tea while taking antibiotics. The medical researchers wanted to find out if green tea would interfere with the action of the antibiotics, have no effect, or increase the medicines’ effects.

“We tested green tea in combination with antibiotics against 28 disease causing micro-organisms belonging to two different classes,” says Dr Mervat Kassem from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University in Egypt. “In every single case green tea enhanced the bacteria-killing activity of the antibiotics. For example the killing effect of chloramphenicol was 99.99% better when taken with green tea than when taken on its own in some circumstances.”

Green tea also made 20% of drug-resistant bacteria susceptible to one of the cephalosporin antibiotics. These are important antibiotics that new drug resistant strains of bacteria have evolved to resist.

The results surprised the researchers, showing that in almost every case and for all types of antibiotics tested, drinking green tea at the same time as taking the medicines seemed to reduce the bacteria’s drug resistance, even in superbug strains, and increase the action of the antibiotics. In some cases, even a low concentration of green tea was effective.

“Our results show that we should consider more seriously the natural products we consume in our everyday life,” says Dr Kassem. “In the future, we will be looking at other natural herb products such as marjoram and thyme to see whether they also contain active compounds which can help in the battle against drug resistant bacteria”.



Water – Essential For (Your) Life

Living Energy Water For Better Health

You could live for weeks without food, but without water you would dehydrate and die within days. A mere 2% loss of the water surrounding your cells can cause a 20% decrease in your energy levels.

Recently the mainstream media has reported that we don’t need to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

They are saying there is no benefit!! Who are “they”? – an organization whose members make their living from dehydrated individuals suffering from kidney problems. Of course, I believe we need to drinks lots of water to eliminate toxins and hydrate cells.

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Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 2 – Toxins

In part one of Cell Rejuvenation for Optimal Health I wrote about the broad reasons our cells become unhealthy. It’s time now to look at little more closely.


Unfortunately, toxins are all around us, in the home, our workplaces, simply everywhere.

They come in all forms, like pesticides, herbicides, medications, hormones, steroids, mercury and other heavy metals, in the air, water, our food supply, the fillings in our teeth. The air we breathe contains pollution from cars and industry. Processed food and beverages contains flavorings and coloring (permitted because they are “safe” – safe and healthy are different issues).

Being bombarded daily with toxins causes our bodies to come under attack. Free radicals (highly unstable molecules) wreak havoc in our cells. So our bodies become more unhealthy at a cellular level.

We need to both minimize our input of toxins and find ways of removing them from our body.

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Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 1 – Dr Choo

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Dr TC Choo, Doctor of Naturopathy & Nutrition Counselling. Dr Choo has years of experience in the field of natural medicine, and he’s a lot of fun too. It’s late here but I just couldn’t wait to post an update.

The main topic of Dr Choo’s presentation was Cell Rejuvenation for Optimal Health.

It’s obvious to all that increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer are affecting younger people. More young people are getting “old age” diseases.

Why? It all begins in our cells. Degeneration at a cellular level is rampant. It’s simple really. We are made up of cells. Our bodies have more than 70 trillion cells. And we’re under attack.

What’s attacking us?

  • Accumulation of Toxins
  • Free Radical Damage
  • Acid/Alkaline Food Balance
  • Enzyme Deficiency

Our bodies have a constant battle to protect us from damage, cell degeneration, which leads to illness, disease or just feeling too stressed or unwell to cope.

However, there are natural ways to combat these attacks.

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Background to Super Kino Foot Plaster Detox

How Do Negative Ions Help?

Negative is better than Positive when it comes to Ions and how they affect us.
Ever wonder why the air feels more invigorating and you feel fresher when you are at the waterfalls or mountains? The answer is, the abundance of “feel good” negative ions in the air.

Research has confirmed the beneficial effects of negative ions on living things – plants grow faster and healthier, animals are calmer and able to perform tasks better, and humans are more relaxed and alert. Negative ions have been found to facilitate the delivery of oxygen to the cells, which promote healthy bodily functions and rejuvenation.


Air-conditioning, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, fluorescent lights, cellular phones, television, computer screens and other electrical equipment deplete the negative ions from our surroundings and increase the positive ions (which have been linked to muscle and joint aches, irritability, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, lethargy, lessened efficiency and poor health in general).

Based On Reflexology

Our soles contain reflex points linked to every part of the body. Stimulating these reflex points can help relieve health problems affecting the corresponding parts.

Super Kino Plus Negative Ion plasters work according to the principles of reflexology. Natural ingredients such as wood and bamboo vinegars, dokudami (the “poison blocking” plant) and agaricus are combined to stimulate reflex points on the soles which clear blockage and expel toxic waste from the body system.

It is an effective, safe and marvellously easy-to-use detoxification programme that can help keep the body system cleansed and healthy for life.

FREE download – Reflexology Chart

Super Kino Plus Negative Ion Plasters are excellent for alleviating:

  • Menstrual cramps (place plaster on tummy area)
  • Stiff neck and shoulders (place plaster near shoulders)
  • Backache (place plaster on back)
  • Knee pain (place plaster on knee)
  • Water retention – swollen ankles, puffy eyes (place plaster on ankle)
  • Chronic tiredness despite adequate sleep (place plaster on sole)
  • Poor concentration, frequent headaches (place plaster on sole)
  • Sleeping difficulties (place plaster on sole)
  • Irritability (place plaster on sole)
  • Frequent skin breakouts (place plaster on sole)

Non Food Detox – Super Kino Foot Plaster

More Detox Power. Better Health & Vitality

The amazing Super Kino detoxifying foot plaster is now even better! The original potent formulation has helped thousands of users. Now it has been enhanced with negative ions for even better results!

Super Kino Plus Negative Ion
(10pcs x 4g)

Just stick a Super Kino Plus Negative Ion plaster onto each sole before bedtime, and enjoy the detoxifying, de-stressing and restorative effects during the night. You’ll sleep better, wake up fresher and feel more alert. You’ll be free of aches, pains, cramps, stiffness and lethargy. It’ll put the spring back in your step!

With More Than 2,000 Negative Ions Per Plaster

Super Kino Plus Negative Ion plasters contain added ceramic, perlite and tourmaline that emit over 2,000 negative ions to counter the harmful effects of positive ions accumulated in the body.


Directions for use:

1. Remove the protective sheet from the back of the plaster. .
2. Remove the Oriyen Super Kino Plus Negative Ion foot plaster from the plastic packet, and place the printed side in the middle of the adhesive piece.
3. Remove the remaining protective strip from the back of the adhesive piece.
4. Paste the whole thing firmly onto a clean sole or body area. Remove plasters the next morning and wash feet/body area thoroughly. Discard used plasters – do not reuse.

For optimum results, use on both feet before bed. May be used on painful body areas, in addition to both feet. When using the plasters for the first time, it is advisable to wear socks to absorb any fluid leakage.

For initial cleansing:
Affix fresh plasters on both feet for at least 4 to 5 nights consecutively.

For maintenance:
Use once or twice monthly.

For external use only.

Wood Vinegar, Bamboo Vinegar, Dokudami, Tourmaline, Chitin-Chitosan, Loquat Leaf, Vitamin C, Agaricus, Perlite, Ceramic, Eucalyptus Oil, Apricot, Turmeric, Ginger, Others.

Product of Japan

Japanese Plum Balls – Testimonials

What The Expert Has To Say About Japanese Plum Balls

“The improved Japanese Plum Balls… they are really powerful! I could feel the efficacy as soon as I started taking them. It truly is a miracle cure for numerous health complaints.”

Dr. TC Choo, Doctorate in Naturopathy & Nutrition Counselling, 59, Pahang, Malaysia


“My 58-year old mother used to complain about indigestion and excessive gas. Even after trying various medications, her discomfort still persisted. However, with Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls, her problems subsided. Its effectiveness is amazing!”….Jenny, 29, Klang

“ With Japanese Plum Balls, I no longer suffer from stiff neck and shoulders. Best of all, I feel more alert and don’t tire that easily anymore.” …Lilian Yong, 46, Kuala Lumpur

“ I used to get a sore throat whenever I took too much fried and spicy food. With Japanese Plum Balls, I can finally enjoy my favourite foods without the fear of suffering a sore throat.”…Cecelia Tham, 38, Kuala Lumpur

“ My whole family uses Japanese Plum Balls to treat almost any ailment, from indigestion, diarrhoea, sore throat, cold and even hangover. 15 balls taken during the onset of a cold never fails to ward it off. It is a must-have in every household.”…Ng Yoke Imm, 35, Kuala Lumpur

“ I used to suffer from severe indigestion and stomach discomfort, with frequent abdominal pain and excessive gas. Since taking Japanese Plum Balls, I no longer suffer from all these problems.”…Jenny Quek, 51, Singapore

Testimonials provided here represent personal experiences and may differ among individuals.

Japanese Ume Plums – The Blue Diamond of Fruits

The “Blue Diamond” of Fruits

Japanese Ume, a type of plum that contains more citric acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus and twice as much protein than any other fruit. It is also rich in organic acids and minerals. Originating in China where it was consumed for over 4,000 years, it was introduced to Japan 1,300 years ago as a medicinal herb. Unlike the Chinese and Taiwanese plums, the Japanese Ume is bigger, rounder and richer in nutrients.

Citric acid-rich plum balls break down lactic acid, the major metabolic waste in our cells. Lactic acid contributes to neck pain, shoulder stiffness, fatigue and cramping. The neutralizing action of plums helps to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the digestive system to efficiently break down food and generate energy. As a natural antibiotic, plum balls are also helpful for general weakness, indigestion, bloatedness, mild vomiting, cough, cold, mild diarrhea and stomach discomfort. They also help protect the liver and reduce the negative effects of alcohol consumption.


Ume : Traditional Japanese Cure-All Remedy

Ume has been used throughout the centuries since the Heian Era (794-1192). During the feudal wars in the Kamakura Era (1192 – 1333), samurai warriors consumed Ume to counter fatigue. Before the invention of penicillin in 1928, Ume was used as a natural antibiotic. In the Russo-Japanese war in 1904, where the Japanese emerged victorious, the Imperial Japanese Army was given a ration of Ume to prevent water-borne food poisoning and hasten recovery from battle wounds. In fact, Ume was so highly regarded that there is an old Japanese saying that goes “Plant two plum trees whenever a child is born” (in preparation to preserve the child’s health throughout his or her growth).

Benefits of Japanese Plum, Ume

1. Neutralizes Acidic Body
Illness, medication, poor eating habits, food additives, strenuous exercise and excessive consumption of meat, sugar, refined carbohydrates, coffee and tea cause a build-up of lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid causes the body to become increasingly acidic, leading to frequent tiredness, irritability, headaches, muscle aches, joint pains, premature aging, poor metabolism and unhealthy weight gain. Ume, fondly referred to as “The King of Alkaline Foods”, breaks down and neutralizes lactic acid to prevent its build-up in the body. This normalizes the pH of the blood to help promote health and vitality, and prevent premature aging.

2. Improves Digestive System
Ume’s catechin protects the digestive tract from disease-causing germs, and improves intestinal peristalsis for better digestion and bowel functions. It eases digestive discomforts such as gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion and excessive gas. Ume is touted to help alleviate constipation and relieve effects of mild food poisoning like diarrhea and vomiting.

3. Strengthens Immune System
Other traditional uses for this unique fruit with potent natural antibiotic properties include strengthening the body’s resistance against cough, flu, cold, fever and sore throat without any adverse effects on the body. Ume stimulates the liver in getting rid of toxins and supports healthy liver function.

4. Aids Weight Control
A congested, overworked liver cannot regulate fat metabolism efficiently, resulting in accumulation of fat that then causes abdominal bulges. Ume also accelerates the burning of excess body fat and reduces water retention to optimize body weight and improve sluggish metabolism.

5. Increases The Absorption of Calcium & Iron
Ume aids the absorption of iron, making it ideal for menstruating and pregnant women. It also increases calcium absorption in the body for stronger bones and teeth.

Japanese Plum Balls – Bounce back to Good Health

The “Blue Diamond” of Fruits

Promotes Excellent Health & Vitality

The Japanese are renowned for longevity, low cancer rate and excellent skin condition. Part of the reason lies in their regular diet of Ume, the Japanese plum. Considered an indispensable food, these plums are taken after every meal to aid digestion and improve assimilation of nutrients for enhanced general health and vitality.


Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls are obtained from the concentrated extract of Ume. The extract is then combined with Wild Japanese Mountain Yam or Jinenjo, a digestive aid that enhances its potency. The mixture is sculpted into easy-to-swallow plum balls.

Two Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls are equivalent to one fresh plum of 25 grammes. The people of Japan take an average of 5 fresh plums (equivalent to 10 plum balls) a day as part of their diet. Children in Japan are given an average of 2.5 fresh plums (equivalent to 5 plum balls) as a part of their daily diet. Make plum balls part of your diet to enjoy the longevity and vitality of the Japanese!

Recommended for those who:

  • Tire easily
  • Suffer from excessive gas, bloatedness and indigestion
  • Skip meals or lack nutrition
  • Suffer body aches (especially the elderly)
  • Are under stress
  • Consume alcohol
  • Are prone to flu, cold and infections; have poor immune system
  • Suffer from diarrhea, constipation or mild food poisoning
  • Would like to maintain a healthy body weight


Each ball contains:
Ume Plum (Fructus Mume) Concentrate – 103 mg
Wild Japanese Mountain Yam (Rhizoma Discoreae Japonica) – 127 mg

Does not contain filler, binders, excipients and sugar. No artificial coloring, chemical additives, stabilizers, preservatives, animal substances or gelatin.


About Us

About Us

We are not doctors or medical researchers and we do not claim any miracle cures for any medical conditions, or to be providing treatment for any conditions. What we do know is that your body needs nutrients to function properly and that today’s fast paced lifestyle may not provide all the nutrition required by your body.

If you have any specific medical conditions or concerns you should always seek appropriate medical attention. Never cease any medication without the knowledge and agreement of your doctor.

Natural superfoods are not drugs, they are food, and they are not intended to replace any medication you may be prescribed. You should always let your doctor know about any nutritional supplements you are consuming.

We provide information as education. Please do further research to satisfy yourself about anything you read on the internet. We don’t get paid to provide our educational articles, although some will include a link to a sales page where a product may be available and we will receive a commission if you decide to buy. Our intention is to earn a little money to cover our expenses and keep this blog running.

Robert Murti & Judi Jenkins










Wishing you the best of health

Robert Murti & Judi Jenkins


Healthy Satisfying Breakfast Juice – Fruit Version with Video

Make a fresh juice drink with a secret ingredient which will leave you satisfied till lunchtime. The quantity below will make enough for 2 people.

  • 2 Oranges – medium size – remove rind and seeds
  • 1/8 Watermelon – remove rind and slice
  • 1 Apple – cored and sliced
  • 1 Pear – cored and sliced
  • 1 Banana – peeled and cut in pieces
  • 2 Kiwi Fruit – cut in half and peeled – (secret to easy peeling – cut in half and simply squeeze out flesh)

OR PREPARE your favorite fruits to suit the instructions of your particular juicer. Optional suggestions, ADD a few canned pitted cherries, Or ADD a few frozen berries.

JUICE all fruit.

ADD the Secret Ingredient 1 or 2 heaped teaspoons of Nn Stabilized Rice Bran per person to the juice and mix (or blend) enough to thoroughly mix the Rice Bran into the juice.

TIP – the mix of fruits should include a banana to ensure the juice has a thick consistency. This is to make sure the Rice Bran remains suspended through the juice and does not simply settle to the bottom of your glass.Serve and Enjoy!The Nn Stabilized Rice Bran adds substance to the juice to make a satisfying and nutritious meal. In addition to the juice, take 5 or 10 Nn Organic Spirulina tablets and 5 Nn Chlorella tablets for the perfect start to your day.

Click the link below to find out more about Healthy Juices


TIP – Not just any Rice Bran will do. Nn Stabilized Rice Bran is special – find out why Here

I use one of those Magic Blenders with the juice attachment to make my juice and then use the mixer blade to wizz up the juice and Rice Bran.

SPECIAL TIP: Ever wondered what to do with the leftover fruit pulp? Sometimes I use it in a cake. I add it to a store bought cake mix, I omit the butter/margarine/oil component, but I do use the eggs per recipe and add some milk. I mix the ingredients thoroughly and use a loaf pan (buttered and floured inside) so the cake cooks evenly. I cook the cake in a slow oven for longer than the recipe time as it has so much moisture from the fruit pulp. Just keep an eye on it, when its risen and nice and brown on top (maybe after around 50 minutes) – it’s done.

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