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Relieved My Sinusitis
I’ve suffered from sinusitis for more than 10 years. Every day of my life was simply intolerable without anti-histamine spray and I had no luck with herbal supplements or natural remedies. However, one month after I switched from normal water to Hexagon water, I felt good enough (and brave enough) to go for a whole day without the spray. It was amazing–no sneezing, no runny nose, no pain! I haven’t used anti-histamines since. – WM Chow

Increased Energy & Weight Loss
Wow! What a difference! My wife and I started drinking Hexagon a couple of months ago and I can’t believe the effect it has had. We both have so much more energy now and my wife has lost 19 lbs. – D. Oswald

Stopped Body Odor & Bad Breath
I was upset when my grandchildren stopped giving me hugs. I thought it was because they were growing up and wanted to be more independent, but my daughter told me that they were avoiding me because I had bad breath and body odor and they didn’t have the heart to tell me. I have heard that this problem is common among the elderly on account of sluggish metabolism and poor digestive function, but I didn’t know what to do. I started taking longer, more frequent showers but they didn’t help. Things really took a turn when my daughter installed a Hexagon system. I started drinking as much water as I could. Now my grandchildren say I no longer have that “bad smell”. – MD Lee

Reduced Blood Pressure
I have had hypertension for many years. I thought this meant a low salt diet, regular exercise and daily pills for the rest of my life. But about one month after switching to Hexagon water, my doctor said my blood pressure reading was almost normal. If this trend continues, I may even be able to enjoy my favorite salted fish occasionally. – CC Pih

Relieved Constipation & Promoted Weight Loss
Ever since I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve tried everything from slimming teas and creams to weight loss diets, but nothing ever worked for me. Then my boss installed a Hexagon system in the office. A couple of weeks after drinking this “energized” water, I no longer suffered from my usual constipation. I began to drink more and more Hexagon water (and less and less coffee). I soon realized my clothes were getting looser – this is the first time this has happened to me, ever! Now, I’ve installed my own Hexagon at home and I am committed to a slimmer, healthier me. With Hexagon water, it’s been so much easier to watch my caloric intake and I am now TWO sizes smaller! – LP Choo

No More Throat & Joint Discomfort
I have had a constant discomfort in my throat for a long time. Doctors assured me that there was nothing wrong, but I still worried because my family has a history of nose cancer. I tried all kinds of traditional remedies, but the discomfort persisted. Three weeks after I began drinking Hexagon water, the discomfort disappeared completely. Another problem that I had was that I suffered from “trigger finger”. (my middle finger wouldn’t bend or straighten easily). Doctors recommended surgery but I chose physiotherapy, which didn’t work. Now that I have been drinking Hexagon water, I have recovered movement in my finger. – Amy Low

Soothed Hoarseness & Canker Sores
My work involved doing lots of talking for the past 4 years. As a result, my voice became very hoarse and strained. Worse still, I was prone to canker sores whenever I had insufficient sleep. Then I started drinking Hexagon water. I like the sweet taste, especially when chilled, and amazingly I was able to consume more than 12 glasses a day. In less than 3 weeks, the hoarseness in my voice disappeared and its resonance returned to enable me to sing again ! As for the canker sores, here’s my little secret: I suck ice cubes made from Hexagon water and bathe the ulcers in melted ice. – you won’t believe this – the sores disappear overnight ! Now Hexagon water is the most important part of my health regime.- JL

Lowered Blood Sugar Level
I am 44 years old, and recently discovered that my blood sugar level was dangerously high. I will never forget that visit to the doctor because he told me that I had to be very careful with my diet and absolutely consistent with my medication. It was hard to believe that I could be diabetic! For the first time in my life, I realized that I would really have to watch my eating habits. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about Hexagon water. Two months after drinking plenty of Hexagon water, my blood sugar level has normalized. My doctor was very surprised by my startling improvement. – PW Chang

Alleviated Allergies
I’ve been allergic to seafood since childhood. If I swallow even a small piece of shrimp, I break out in rashes. I still remember the day I gorged on prawn dumplings in defiance of my allergy, and ended up in the hospital needing emergency treatment. Doctors told me that my body couldn’t handle the “high toxicity” in seafood. I was constantly on anti-allergy medications, but they only suppressed the symptoms for a while. I was miserable. Now that I’ve switched to drinking Hexagon water, my rashes and itching aren’t as frequent. Last week, I accidentally ate some shrimp and spent the next few hours nervously dreading the inevitable… but the allergic reaction never came! – L Ling

Relieved Flatulence & Flattened Tummy
Probably because of my stressful schedule, constant traveling and irregular meals, I have always been bloated. Friends told me to drink more water, so I did…but that only made the bloating worse. Now, two weeks after switching to Hexagon water, the discomfort and flatulence is gone and my tummy is much flatter too! – LS Ho

Headache Relief
I didn’t believe water could relieve headaches, so when my friend, Vivian, suggested I buy a Hexagon water system, I came up with every excuse in the book. Thank goodness for Vivian’s perseverance –she dropped off bottled Hexagon water every day, and insisted that I drink it to alleviate my constant headaches. I’ve been consuming Hexagon water every day for awhile now, and my headaches definitely don’t strike as often. I’m a believer now, so installing my own Hexagon has turned out to be an easy decision after all. – SC Tsai

Clearer Complexion
My family just installed a Hexagon, and my mother advised me to wash my face with the water. I am 26 and still suffering from a bad, (and I mean real bad), case of acne. I can’t even count the types of creams I have tried over the years. I even took prescription antibiotics, but nothing really helped. I followed my mother’s advice and started washing my face with Hexagon water, and drinking tons and tons of it. My acne problem has visibly improved. Old spots have dried up and I get fewer new spots now. The ones I do get aren’t very red and have no pus.- ML Yeh

Son Drinks Water Now
My 3-year-old son, Alex, hates drinking water. Getting a quarter cup down his throat is a major daily struggle. Because we had read about the importance of water and the adverse effects of cellular dehydration, my wife and I were worried sick about him. Alex was curious about the Hexagon when I installed it, so I showed him how “… delicious drinking water comes out from this side, while normal tap water for washing comes out from the other side – just by turning the little handle!” I was delighted when he asked to try the “delicious water”, but I was downright shocked when he gulped down the half-cup I gave him, and then asked for more! I’ve heard that young children instinctively know what is good for their bodies. My son must know that Hexagon is good for him because he now drinks many cups of it each day. This may be no big deal for most parents, but getting our son to drink water has been a real milestone for us. – Steven Tai

Plant Growth
They say it takes a prosperous person to grow “prosperity bamboo”, so I decided to grow some in my office. Nine months and zero centimeters later, I had just about given up on those sticks because they simply refused to grow! I heard some of my colleagues singing praises about Hexagon water which was reportedly good for this and that. I decided to try it on my ill-fated bamboo plants. One week on Hexagon water, and those “dead sticks” sprouted new shoots! Two weeks later, the shoots were a full six inches taller! Now I am just waiting for prosperity to come my way! – Aminah Ibrahim

Pet Smells Better
I have raised Lizee since she was a puppy, so I know her pretty well. Four days without a bath and Lizee smells! No matter how busy I’ve been, I’ve always bathed her twice a week. I guess you could say that getting a Hexagon has made me lazy because it’s been at least a week now since I last bathed Lizee. Thanks to Hexagon water she doesn’t smell yet. I also notice that she hasn’t been scratching as much and her coat is shinier and softer too – Geoffrey Lim

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All About Hexagon Water Cartridges.

Cartridge 1
A Dupont MicroFree® Anti-Bacteria PP Filter & an Activated Carbon Block Filter remove rust, sediment and other suspended particles and eliminates bacteria, preparing water for Cartridge 2.

Cartridge 2
Ceramic Filtration

Made from Diatomaceous Earth, deposits from the bottom of lakes and lagoons that have been compressed and baked at high temperatures. Consistent minute pore size of 0.3-0.7 micron eliminates harmful microbes* and particulates. This cartridge is easily taken out for cleaning whenever the surface gets dirty. Needs cleaning every 3 – 4 weeks.

*E.coli (1.0-1.5 microns), Salmonella (1.2-1.8 microns), Cryptosporidium (4-6 microns), Giardia (5-20 microns), Cholera and Typhoid (1 micron)..

Cartridge 3
Consist of the renowned Mai Fan Shi mineral stone (called longevity stone) and an exclusive combination of mineral stones to alkalinize and infuse water with a wide spectrum of ionic and trace minerals. This cartridge lasts a lifetime.

Cartridge 4
Primary Purification
Ion exchange resins soften water. Using ionic adsorption, an Activated Carbon Block removes unpleasant odors, colors, and toxic substances such as chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), organic chemicals and even radioactive compounds.

Cartridge 5
Secondary Purification
An Activated Carbon Block and KDF Granular Activated Carbon Block remove any residual chemicals and toxins, including soluble heavy metals and dissolved toxic gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfides, through an electrochemical process.

Cartridge 6

Powerful EC3000 Energy Converter, with bio-ceramic beads made of 26 clays and mineral oxides, emits three times more intensive FIR which activates water with healthful energy, enhances its oxygen load, and refines its molecules into small clusters. The EC3000 is designed to last a lifetime.

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What is Hexagon Water & Why is it Important?

Water - Essential For Life

You could live for weeks without food, but without water you would dehydrate and die within days. A mere 2% loss of the water surrounding your cells can cause a 20% decrease in your energy levels.

The Human Body is 70% Water
Brain 74% | Muscles 75% | Blood 82% | Bones 22% | Teeth 5% | Liver 69% | Kidneys 82%

“Doctors are well aware that dehydration, second only to oxygen deprivation, robs life fastest. Minor dehydration-not enough to kill-is both the result and the hidden cause of many illnesses. The inverse is also true. Good hydration is at the foundation of good health.” from Water the Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz

The more that researchers learn about the relationship between water and health, the more they realize the importance of both the quantity and quality of the water we drink.

The Hexagon Hi-Energy Structured Water System is the most comprehensive water treatment system you can find today. It not only removes all chemicals and contaminants from your tap water, but it also replicates nature’s ecosystem to bring you fresh living water with all of the essential properties found in nature’s “fountains of youth.”

The more you learn about water (from this website and from outside sources), the more you’ll appreciate the comprehensive magnificence of the Hexagon system.

Good water is necessary for good health. Great water can help you achieve great health.

Hexagon water is one of the best gifts you will ever give your body!

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Water is Crucial For All Bodily Functions
Water hydrates and irrigates our trillions of cells and is essential for over 90% of the biological and chemical processes that take place in our bodies. Without water, blood would not flow, oxygen and nutrients would not be transported, waste would not be eliminated, and most of our organs and bodily processes would not function.

Water is Necessary For Flushing Toxins & Waste From The Body
Today we have pesticides and herbicides in our fruits and vegetables; heavy metals in our fish; antibiotics and growth hormones in our meat products; and additives, preservatives and artificial colorings in our processed foods and drinks. Many regenerative diseases have been attributed to the chemicals and carcinogens found in our water, air and food. Water is the best defense against toxicity in the body because it flushes out poisonous waste, but you have to drink pure, healthy water, or it will only add to the problem.

Water Prevents Dehydration, Degeneration & Disease
The average newborn is 90% hydrated, but the average 65-year-old is only 55% hydrated! All of the symptoms of aging are accompanied by a slow dehydration of cells. The first signs of dehydration are headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and lack of mental alertness.

Many doctors now believe that dehydration is the root cause of all kinds of ailments, from acne and indigestion, to arthritis and obesity, to more serious conditions such as heart problems, hypertension and even cancer.

The link between dehydration to degeneration and disease has led researchers to do in-depth studies of the functions and properties of water.
“What doctors label as disease is “deep dehydration.” – F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Link To WaterCure.com

Not All Water is The Same
Scientists discovered that natural, healthy living water has several vital properties – including a certain molecular shape and pH balance which are necessary to properly hydrate our cells and support life functions.

Secret to a Healthy Long Life
In the early 1900’s, Austrian naturalist and scientist Victor Schauberger coined the term “living water” after he discovered that natural hexagonal, snowflake-like water clusters are found in healing waters around the world, and that this geometrical structure is what gives the water its healing properties.

Some of the most famous healing springs are the Lourdes, Vichy, Evian and Perrier in France, Fiuggi and San PellegrinoPassugger Heilguellen in Switzerland, and Agua da Prata in Brazil. Their remarkable effects on heart, liver and kidney ailments, skin diseases, asthma, digestive disorders, arthritis and many other illnesses are medically documented. in Italy,

In pristine places called “longevity villages”, people live to the age of 100 and beyond in remarkably good health. A Soviet study on one of these villages determined that the one factor responsible for this remarkable health and longevity was the healthy living water they drink which naturally has vital properties and forms small hexagonal crystals.

Not all water hydrates cells and supports life functions equally. Living water can easily penetrate the cells and perform all of its functions. Dead water, on the other hand, must be reformed and revitalized by the body before it can do its job. Doctors and researchers have determined that drinking living water improves health and longevity but drinking dead water allows cells to dehydrate.

Hexagon Water

Fact – Most of Us Drink Dead Water
Almost everything that man has done to water has destroyed or degraded it. We have contaminated nearly every natural water supply on earth with pollution, toxic waste and hundreds of thousands of chemicals.

There are over 120,000 types of chemicals in use today, with another 1,000 new ones added each year. All of these chemicals find their way into our water sources.

Water Can Die
In some situations water is full of energy, sometimes it is sluggish and exhausted; in some conditions it dies. “To an untrained eye dead water still looks like water. So we expect it to do the same job as healthy energetic water.” Charlie Ryrie, author of The Healing Energies of Water

Fact -Tap Water
Water treatment plants use basic filtration and chlorine to remove microbes and contaminants from our polluted water. This process makes the water “safe”, because it kills most germs and bacteria, but it also destroys water’s life-giving properties.

Chlorine is not good for water because it has a strong ionic pull that easily distorts water’s healthful crystalline structure. It isn’t good for the body either. Chlorine has been associated with heart problems, cancer, and arteriosclerosis. Boiling water does not get rid of chlorine–it changes it into a carcinogen called trihalomethane. Another problem is that tap water tends to have an erratic pH (as low as 5.5 or as high as 10) which disturbs the body’s natural acid/alkaline balance of pH 7.35.

Keeping water in stagnant storage tanks and forcing it to travel through miles of pipes strip water of its natural energy and oxygen, disrupting the hexagonal clusters. By the time tap water reaches you, it is usually devoid of any healthful properties.

Fact – Filtered Water
Many filters remove chlorine and heavy metals, but most still allow certain contaminants to pass through. Parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are not killed by chlorine or UV light and can easily pass through carbon filters. Radioactive and volatile chemicals are also very hard to remove.

Fact – Distilled or Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water
Distillation and Reverse Osmosis devices do a better job of getting rid of harmful substances than simple filters do, but they take everything else out of the water too — including beneficial minerals that are necessary for health and longevity.

Fact – Bottled Water
Most bottled water is tap water that has been processed through a reverse osmosis or carbon filtration system. Some companies add minerals and in some (but not all) countries, if the label says “spring water” it might have actually come from a natural spring…but in all of these cases, the water is still processed and artificially contained for long periods of time.

Fact – It’s All Still Dead Water!
The bottom line is that almost all filtration and purification processes start with dead tap water and then do little or nothing to restore water’s vital life-giving properties.

70% of our planet is covered with water, but 97% of it is oceanic salt water and 2% is glacial ice. To turn it into drinking water, Mother Nature has an incredible water treatment system. She utilizes the sun, the sky and almost every element of the earth to produce healthy, natural living water .

Nature uses the sun, natural magnetic fields, rocks and soil to give water energy, oxygen, minerals and a mysterious molecular structure made up of small hexagonal clusters.

Living Water has 6 Essential Properties

It is Clean, Pure, and Anti-Pathogenic
Fresh unpolluted natural water is healthy, self-cleansing, and resistant to disease-causing microbes. The precise reason for this is not yet known, but research at the Adolfo Lutz Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil shows that living water inhibits the proliferation of many types of microbes. Link to Adolfo Lutz Institute

It is Alive With Vital Energy
The body’s trillions of cells vibrate and pulsate to a complex system of harmonic frequencies. This pulsation of life enables cells to communicate with each other and perform crucial biological and chemical exchanges. Any disruption of this harmonic pulsation can cause pain, discomfort and disease.

Living water resonates with the energetic vibrations of your body. When you drink living water, it amplifies, animates and perpetuates your own life force. Drinking dead water on the other hand, has a detrimental effect because your body has to expend precious energy “turning it on” and giving it energy before it can be used for bodily function.

It is Infused With Vital Oxygen
Oxygen is the fuel of life – the more you have of it, the better your body functions, and the healthier you are. Most of us think that we only take oxygen in through the air, but actually oxygen that is dissolved in water offers a much more direct route to our cells. Oxygen in our drinking water can reach the blood in 30 seconds; the brain in one minute; the skin in 10 minutes; and the liver, heart and kidney in 20 minutes!

Living water offers abundant oxygen that is readily available to your cells. It also augments the oxygen you inhale which is especially helpful if you breathe poor quality air or if aging or poor health have slowed down your oxygen uptake.

It is Rich With Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals

As water moves through earth, it gathers minerals and trace minerals, which are needed to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses in the body. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function, nor could growth and repair be accomplished. Dr Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, states: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. “The minerals and trace minerals in water are the best for you because they are in ionic form – the form most bio-available to your cells (even better than chelated or colloidal minerals).

It has the Perfect pH
Natural water with its rich mineral content has a slightly alkaline pH. It supports the average pH7.35 of your body fluids which is necessary for transporting oxygen, regulating metabolism, eliminating acidic waste, and preventing disease.

Hexagon shaped water crystals

Healthy Water has a Vital Hexagonal Structure

Healthy water remembers its life as ice. It is neatly ordered in small molecular clusters that form perfect hexagonal shapes with rich minerals snuggled inside them.The healthiest water has beautiful crystal hexagonal formations even in its liquid form, but they become most apparent just before freezing. Unhealthy water on the other hand, typically has large or pentagonal molecular clusters or remains chaotically formless even as it starts to freeze.Why is cluster structure important? Because it matches the clustered water found inside and around our body cells. Small clusters are perfectly designed to interact with other molecules, to communicate using energetic vibrations, and to slip easily through cellular membranes–carrying nutrients in and lifting toxic waste out of our cells to keep them young and vibrantly healthy. Large clusters are chaotic, clumsy and far less useful to the body.

Only healthy water can form beautiful hexagonal snowflake-like crystals. Snow water, water in fruits and vegetables, cold water from deep wells and pristine streams – all have the ideal hexagonal structure.

Tap water cannot form crystal hexagonal structures even when it freezes.

Of all water’s properties, its hexagonal structure is probably the most important, but is also the most fragile. It is easily destroyed by environmental contaminants and modern water treatment processes.

The Structure of Water Determines Our Health
Water molecules are made of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms (H2O). The relationship between these atoms gives water a unique electrical polarity. Water’s unique ability to form and transform; create and recreate; penetrate and dissolve anything it touches; and to collect and deposit information wherever it flows is what gives all living things their vital dynamism.

Water molecules bond easily with other molecules. In other words, water is extremely “sociable”. It eagerly seeks to mingle with other elements and gladly picks up “hitchhikers”. This is a great feature if the water picks up good things like rich nutritious minerals and life-giving oxygen, but it’s a very bad thing when it picks up toxic pollutants, nasty chemicals or disease-causing organisms and then enters your bloodstream!

Very few people will ever get to drink pure, fresh, energized and clustered water from natural streams and glacial reservoirs again. Man has dirtied and degraded almost every natural supply on earth.

Fortunately, there is another option!

The Hexagon Hi-Energy Structured Water System which is based on extensive water research can bring your tap water back to life!

Hexagon Water is:

Instantly absorbed
The smaller the molecular clusters, the easier water will penetrate your cells. One way to measure the size of the molecule clusters is using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology (NMR). The lower the NMR reading, the smaller the clusters. Hexagon water has a certified NMR reading of only 42.3Hz*. Normal tap water, RO and distilled water have readings around 128Hz while bottled mineral water reads between 90 and 100Hz. *National Tsing Hua University Report No. GMC 0203001 dated 28th March 2002.

You can test the absorption rate for yourself. Try drinking two to three glasses of Hexagon water in one go. You’ll notice that you don’t feel too full or nauseous because your body is able to absorb and use Hexagon water instantly.

Hexagon’s EC3000 Energy Converter is packed with bio-ceramic beads which emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays), a form of natural electromagnetic waves, that vibrate and energize the water, mimicking what happens when natural spring water splashes over rocks and natural magnetic fields. Drinking Hexagon water will re-charge your vitality!

Energized water absorbs and retains more oxygen. Hexagon water is lab-tested to contain 7- 8ppm of dissolved oxygen, compared to tap water’s 3-4ppm. It effectively increases oxygen supply and uptake in our cells. Oxygen rich water is a great booster or de-stressor every time, anytime!

Fish live well in Hexagon water, which is abundant in oxygen. Fish cannot survive in distilled water and normal tap water contain chemicals which will poison them.

Sweet & Nourishing
You’ll love the natural sweetness of Hexagon water. The exclusive mineralizing cartridge infuses your water with ionic and trace minerals which are best for cell metabolism and nourishment. Every glass of Hexagon water is a treat!

Soft & pH Balanced
Hexagon’s mineralization system makes the water slightly alkaline to match the natural ph balance of the blood. This helps to combat the unhealthy acidity in our bodies when we are stressed out or when we eat fried, preserved or processed foods. Hexagon water stays between pH7.2 and 8.5, and helps keep your system in perfect balance.

Pure & Clean
Simple filtration is not enough given the state of water contamination today. Hexagon offers multiple layers of filtration to ensure complete removal of unwanted substances. Any bacteria or harmful microbes in the tap water will be eliminated and won’t grow in this healthful water. Hexagon water is so hygienic you can completely do away with boiling! This can save a lot of time and money.

Natural Anti-Oxidant Protection!
The Hexagon treatment gives water important anti-oxidant properties. It contains negatively charged ions and has plenty of electrons to render free radicals harmless so they don’t have to steal electrons from your cells, which causes degeneration or aging.

Healthy Living Water
With Hexagon water, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that you and your family are drinking crystal pure water with no disease-causing toxins and water that has all the wonderful life-enhancing goodness that Nature intended.


  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Sediments
  • Mud
  • Rust
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Factory and urban by-products
  • Nitrates from fertilizer or sewage contamination
  • Trihalomethanes and other dangerous chemicals
  • Polyaromatic hydracarbons

Experience a world of difference with Hexagon water

  • Easy-to-Install

Just attach it to your tap!

  • Easy-to-Maintain

Only the Ceramic Filter needs cleaning (every 3 to 4 weeks)

  • No Electricity Needed

Get the most from your food, drinks & supplements

With Hexagon water, you not only get drinking water that is noticeably sweeter, purer, softer and smoother. Food and drinks prepared with Hexagon water also taste better because their pure flavors are allowed to emerge. Because Hexagon water is easily absorbed, your body will also be able to access more nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take.

Fruits & vegetables
Soak fruits and vegetables in Hexagon water for 20-30 minutes before eating, cooking or storing in the refrigerator. Hexagon water removes pesticides and chemical residues. Fruits and vegetables taste sweeter and crunchier, and stay fresh even after one week in the refrigerator.

For more succulent and tender meat, just soak in Hexagon water for 10-15 minutes before cooking or freezing. Enjoy meat that’s juicy yet firm, full of flavor, and marvelously sweet. The meat will even retain its freshness and color after thawing.

Fish & Seafood
Fish and seafood will have less fishy odor and retain their freshness when soaked in Hexagon water.

Hexagon water helps you maximize the benefits you get from your supplements by ensuring that the vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients you take are delivered to your cells and optimally utilized by your body. Hexagon water is excellent for mixing children’s drinks!

Get the most from your body.
Lethargy, body aches, joint pains, headaches, migraines, constipation, allergies, cramps, bloatedness, exhaustion, stress, have all been known to disappear by drinking a lot of good healthy water.

Within just one or two weeks of drinking Hexagon water, users have reported increased energy levels and alertness, regular bowel movements, freedom from aches, pains and stiffness and relief from many types of ailments. !

Can Water Cure?
Dr. Frereydon Batmanghelidj, founder of the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine and author of Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, advocates proper hydration to prevent or cure all of the following: arthritis; allergies, asthma; backaches; cancer, constipation; irritable bowel syndrome; urinary problems; obesity; headaches; heartburn; indigestion; diabetes; high blood pressure; hypertension; heart problems; high cholesterol; lupus, menstrual problems; morning sickness; stress; and depression.

Get the most from your looks, Healthier skin, hair & nails
The vitalizing, nourishing and cleansing properties of Hexagon water stimulate growth, repair and renewal of cells, which benefits your appearance. Within weeks, hair and nails will take on a healthy lustrous glow and skin will look more youthful and radiant.

Drinking Hexagon water will improve your skin from the inside, but for extra beautifying benefits, you can also cleanse your face with it. The dramatic improvement will be worth the extra care. Hexagon water will promote healthy, radiant skin and a beautiful clear complexion..

Trimmer body
Even mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism and cause hunger pangs. Hexagon water hydrates your body, improving elimination of wastes and reduces water retention. Your metabolic rate picks up and this helps to burn excess fat. It is the ideal water for those who have been fighting a losing battle with fat. If you want a slender, shapely figure, drink more water!

Get the most from everything!
Healthier pets.Your fish will swim energetically and grow beautifully in Hexagon living water. It also makes great drinking water for cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, or any pet you might have. Bathing your pets in Hexagon water will help to reduce body odors and promote healthy, lustrous coats.

Healthier Plants
If you regularly water them with Hexagon, your plants will be vibrant and healthy and enjoy luxurious growth. It also does a great job of reviving wilted plants.

Longer lasting flowers
Whether they are potted or cut, Hexagon water will help flowers maintain their bloom and beauty for longer periods of time. Perfect for florists!.

Wherever you use water, using Hexagon will make a difference!

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