iLove iGoogle

It’s true…

I’ve fallen in love with iGoogle. It’s the ultimate home page.  It can look any way you want, contain any thing you want. Totally customizable. It can be as simple or complex as you want.  It’s all about you.

Artist Themes – see some below

Personalized multiple tabs of your choice – and each tab can have a different theme!

Easy access to your Gmail

Easy access to your favorite blog feeds via Google Reader – easy to set up and great to use

To do lists

Latest news feeds

Games, fun, jokes, quotes, pictures

and more

What Is An RSS Feed?

Well, my very non technical description is an automatic update of new entries, in say this blog.

Where do you get these updates? In a “reader” – my personal favorite is was – Join Bloglines set up your account.

Now that I have fallen in LOVE with iGoogle I use GOOGLE READER within my iGoogle customized home page(s). CLICK HERE to find out more.

You can ADD the “feeds” of your favorite blog to your reader of choice in a couple of ways.

  1. Login to your reader of choice and ADD the “FEED” by entering the URL of the blog.
  2. Click on the funny little orange and white symbol you’ll see on lots of blogs and websites and add the feed to your default reader of choice.

This simple action “collects” all your “feeds” into the one place. Making keeping up to date much easier and faster. Plus you don’t have to remember the URL of that (or this!) great blog you found – your reader will remember it for you!