Ab Circle Pro – How to Assemble and Use

Out of the Box…

I just found this great new video showing the Ab Circle Pro coming out of the box, being assembled and used for the first time.  See what you think, I think it look easy and fun.

2 thoughts on “Ab Circle Pro – How to Assemble and Use”

  1. My 6 year old daughter was enamored by the ab circle infomercial. I went downstairs into the closet and got her old sit and spin. I put it on an upside down steel bowl in one of the cut outs in the bottom of the sit and spin and now it’s an ab-n-spin. I’m 140lbs and it supports my weight and works for me too. Not only does it work, my daughter and I can sit on the handholder and catch our breath if we’re laughing at each other too hard.

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