Ab Circle Pro Reviews

The Ab Circle Pro workout machine looks like a lot of fun but does it actually work?  See what some first time users have to say.

Ab Circle Pro not for you?  Check out reviews of the Flex Belt here.

53 thoughts on “Ab Circle Pro Reviews”

  1. hey every one im thankful for the comments made. i really need something to helps me shed the pounds around my waist. I have been doing aeorobics for over 4 months now and have bearly seen any weight loss.

    Can any one tell me if you can order this product from outside the US and how?

  2. Vera…..not to be rude but muscle melts fat. Yes, it is possible to buff up really fast lifting weights and still have some fat sitting on top. But that is with bulky heavy weights lifting. Something like this it morefor toning and the muscle will be melting the fat for you.

  3. Received my Abcircle. Love it. Easy to assemble. Feel the pull. Have faith it will work well. I can not get the price list on the 3 additional DVDS. I would like to know the price of all three of them. Price per DVD please. The DVDS are on page 17 of the owners manual. Thank-you.

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