Flex Belt vs Cardio Twister

You may have seen those infomercials about the Cardio Twister and wondered how it compared to the Flex® Belt.

Wonder no more.  Check out this video and see for yourself.

If you like most of us who don’t have the time to exercise or for those that may have tried to flatten and tone their stomachs through traditional exercise, this product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. It is also great for people that are in awesome shape and already have a great stomach – it will simply make it more strong and defined.  Its ability to precisely target the appropriate muscle groups is nothing short of amazing, and has opened the door to a new era in fitness.

Not to mention that for those consumers who may be limited in their ability to perform strenuous exercises like sit-ups or crunches, this ergonomic approach is ideal.

Flex Belt ab contractions

It’s easy to incorporate this exercise regimen into any part of your day, without having to “drop everything” and suffer  through crunches.  It is also the perfect solution for new mothers who want to get their tummy back in shape, executives who don’t have that long to exercise each day, and even those that are in awesome shape and just want to look better.  You also don’t have to worry about changing clothes while wearing it because it will fit under your shirt and there is no perspiring during a session.

On the official website, you will see that the belt is used by several celebrities, approved by the FDA and has  clinical studies showing that: 100% of the people reported their abs are stronger and more toned, the average person received a 49% increase in strength and a 72% increase in endurance.

The belt is lightweight and “breathable,” and has different training programs built in if you would like to use them.  Or you can manually adjust the intensity yourself.

This innovative method for exercising the stomach muscles is also very easy on the back, and will be a welcome change from those who have sustained injuries through laborious sit-ups. While the popular expression “no pain, no gain” is still often used by reluctant exercisers, this product achieves a very efficient, targeted abdominal workout without the need for any suffering.

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We definitely recommend trying the Flex® Belt — no one is ever disappointed.
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