10 Ways to Use Stabilized Rice Bran in Your Diet

According to Sue Shepherd, (an accredited dietitian and author of Gluten Free Cooking (Penguin)), says, “Rice bran contains many health-promoting nutrients. when it comes to your diet there are many ways to add rice bran to a variety of everyday foods to boost both their fibre and nutritional content…”:

1. If you bake at home, add it to homemade bread, muffins and cakes.

2. Stir it into your cereal or porridge.

3. Add it to homemade soups.

4. Add a couple of tablespoons to casseroles.

5. If you don’t like brown rice, add some rice bran to your white rice during the cooking process.

6. Stir it into yoghurt.

7. Add it as an ingredient in fruit crumble toppings, or to cheesecake bases.

8. Add a tablespoon to homemade smoothies or milkshakes before blending.

9. Combine it with gluten-free breadcrumbs to coat meat schnitzels and fish fillets.

10. Use it as an ingredient in stuffings for roasts.

Excerpt from an article by By Joanna Hall, Sunday Telegraph, body+soul

March 02, 2008 12:00am

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