All About Hexagon Water Cartridges.

Cartridge 1
A Dupont MicroFree® Anti-Bacteria PP Filter & an Activated Carbon Block Filter remove rust, sediment and other suspended particles and eliminates bacteria, preparing water for Cartridge 2.

Cartridge 2
Ceramic Filtration

Made from Diatomaceous Earth, deposits from the bottom of lakes and lagoons that have been compressed and baked at high temperatures. Consistent minute pore size of 0.3-0.7 micron eliminates harmful microbes* and particulates. This cartridge is easily taken out for cleaning whenever the surface gets dirty. Needs cleaning every 3 – 4 weeks.

*E.coli (1.0-1.5 microns), Salmonella (1.2-1.8 microns), Cryptosporidium (4-6 microns), Giardia (5-20 microns), Cholera and Typhoid (1 micron)..

Cartridge 3
Consist of the renowned Mai Fan Shi mineral stone (called longevity stone) and an exclusive combination of mineral stones to alkalinize and infuse water with a wide spectrum of ionic and trace minerals. This cartridge lasts a lifetime.

Cartridge 4
Primary Purification
Ion exchange resins soften water. Using ionic adsorption, an Activated Carbon Block removes unpleasant odors, colors, and toxic substances such as chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), organic chemicals and even radioactive compounds.

Cartridge 5
Secondary Purification
An Activated Carbon Block and KDF Granular Activated Carbon Block remove any residual chemicals and toxins, including soluble heavy metals and dissolved toxic gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfides, through an electrochemical process.

Cartridge 6

Powerful EC3000 Energy Converter, with bio-ceramic beads made of 26 clays and mineral oxides, emits three times more intensive FIR which activates water with healthful energy, enhances its oxygen load, and refines its molecules into small clusters. The EC3000 is designed to last a lifetime.

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