Detoxify Your Food – Why & How?

Why use a food purifier?


A food purifier like Ecomax Chitosan effectively removes bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, antibiotics and heavy metal residues from food.

Food derived from modern farming practices has hidden health hazards. There is no doubt, simply no question about this problem.

In our efforts to increase production, modern agricultural and grazing methods rely heavily on man-made chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides to ensure high crop yields and antibiotics are fed to livestock to prevent diseases and hormones accelerate growth.

Overuse of antibiotics is linked to the growing problems of antibiotic resistant bacteria in humans.

Artificial Hormones are implanted in livestock and dairy cattle to accelerate growth and increase milk production. Hormone residues can disrupt human hormonal balance causing developmental problems and can lead to the development of breast, prostate or colon cancer.

Unfortunately, this means the food that we eat every day is tainted with the residues of substances that can pose immeasurable risks and contribute to acute and chronic health conditions. They are also known to cause poisoning, infertility, birth defects in humans, damage to the nervous system and are potentially cancer causing.

Heavy Metal Residues are found in rice, seafood, meat, vegetables, and even the water we drink. Ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The chronic effects of heavy metal poisoning affect almost every organ and system in the body.

Artificial preservatives  and additives are added to foods like fish and rice to increase shelf-life and to improve taste and appearance. They have been known to induce allergic reactions and are suspected to cause cancer, asthma and birth defects.

So how do we prevent these unpleasant consequences?

Use Ecomax Chitosan Food Purifier to effectively remove the various types of contaminants found on the surface of and in food – it’s ideal for cleaning fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, rice, grains, etc.

  • Cleans – Removes chemical fertilisers & pesticides, chlorine, heavy metal residues, antibiotics, artificial preservatives and additives
  • Preserves & Maintains Freshness – Inhibits bacterial growth and forms a protective layer on food surfaces (to prevent moisture evaporation and oxidation) for longer lasting freshness
  • Enhances Taste – Boosts food’s original flavor and reduces the fishy taste and smell of seafood

What is chitosan (pronounced kite-o-san)?

It is made from Chitosan, a 100% natural food fibre derived from the exoskeletons (shells) of deep sea Alaska King Crabs and Spiny Crabs in Japan.

Chitosan has been used for over 30 years by water purification plants as a process for detoxifying water.

Chitosan has a strongly positive polarity (electric charge), meaning that it acts like a powerful magnet to attract and bind to negatively charged hazardous substances. The resulting “bound” substance particles will be removed during washing and will not be absorbed by our bodies even if consumed.
For All Types of Food, some examples are:-

  • Rice – Removes polishing chemicals (e.g. talc), heavy metal residues, chemical fertilizers & pesticides.
  • Poultry & Meat – Eliminates chemical residues (e.g. antibiotics). Inhibits bacterial growth for longer lasting freshness.
  • Seafood (e.g. fish, prawns, crabs, etc) – Removes artificial preservatives & heavy metal residues (e.g. copper, mercury, lead, etc.). Eliminates & inhibits bacterial growth for longer lasting freshness. Reduces unpleasant fishy taste & smell.
  • Fruit & Vegetables –    Removes chemical pesticides & fertilisers, heavy metal residues etc. Prevents moisture loss for longer lasting freshness.
  • Dry Food, etc. (e.g. mushrooms, dates, beans, peas, dried shrimp, anchovies) – Removes artificial preservatives, heavy metal residues & other chemical additives.

Directions for Use:

  1. Rinse food with water to remove any soil and solid impurities.
  2. Add 1 dash of Ecomax Chitosan Food Purifier to 1 litre of water and mix evenly.
  3. Soak food for at least 10 minutes. No rinsing required.

Ingredients: Water-soluble Chitosan, apple acid