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“Golden” Corbicula Clams For Robust Liver Functiongolden-clams

Corbicula Clams have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver enhancing tonic, and to treat liver disorders for ages. Unfortunately, some people miss out on a real health-enhancing miracle because they’ve heard that one can contract Hepatitis A from eating contaminated clams. But the truth is that if the clams come from a fresh uncontaminated source, they are actually one of the best things you can take for your liver.

In Japan, Corbicula Clams is routinely taken for liver ailments and to ensure a healthy liver. It is regarded the best remedy for heavy drinkers. With the increasing research done on its benefits, Corbicula Clam has gained much recognition as a health-enhancing tonic.

While all Corbicula Clam is good for the liver, the quality varies greatly depending on the region the clams are obtained. The best Corbicula Clams come from the HuaLien County in Taiwan. Produced in the world’s only organic algae and the natural freshwater farm. Golden Clam’s rich combination of nutrients help to revitalize the liver, boost the immune system, elevate energy level and stamina.clams-in-water

One unique feature that sets the Corbicula Clams form that region apart from the Corbicula Clams from other countries – is their golden color… hence the name “Golden Clams”. The nutritional value of the Golden Clam surpasses any other, and has more profound liver-enhancing benefits. In fact, the Golden Corbicula Clam is now regarded as one of the few Taiwan’s National Treasures.

The Golden Corbicula Clam is packed with the perfect balance of essential amino acids, particularly Ornithine, Taurine and Arginine. which are very important to support liver’s detoxification process; Choline to prevent fatty liver; B vitamins and organic minerals, including zinc and calcium, essential to support healthy liver function; trace minerals; energy-boosting glycogen, and DHA.

Medical Research

  • 1980 Japanese Professor did a research of liver disease patients treatment using clam extracts. Results showed 82% of 853 personnel have recovered and improved.
  • 1982 Japanese Medical Team from University did a experiment showed proven results that clam can control fatty liver, prevent elevation of GOT & GPT and reduce the death of liver cells.
  • 1994 University Professor Gong had done a 6 years research on clam and discovered the protein in clam extracts has the ability to prevent cancer, particularly liver cancer.
  • 1998 Cholesterol & Heart Specialist Professor Lim discovered the clam can increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce in LDL (bad cholestorl), thus prevent the hardening of vessels, heart and blood circulation disease.
  • 1999 Professor Lim confirmed clam can reduce the AST & ALT of liver.
  • 2003 University of Tzu Chi discovered clam besides liver is also good for the health of heart, pancreas and kidney.

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  1. Once your liver is cleansed and healed, the rest of your body will be healed better as well, since everything in the body is connected. Some people may hate the idea of eating clam, especially vegans, but if it can heal your liver and promote overall health, it may just be worth it.

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