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CSIRO scientists can’t stop talking about the cereal discovery that they believe is helping to control diabetes, improve digestion, reduce weight and lower cholesterol. In the science world the words ‘supergrain’ and ‘resistant starch’ are huge right now, and our team of testers give us the half-time results of their 100-day trial of the new Barleymax cereal.

I’ve seen this cereal for sale in Woolworths.

“It might look like another breakfast cereal — but this supergrain is a scientific breakthrough that has the potential to save lives.

Australian scientists have developed BARLEYmax® (BARLEYmax is a trademark of CSIRO Australia) — an all-natural grain that amazingly can help you stay slim, while helping to fight cancer and diabetes.

Its health benefits are supported by clinical trials conducted by CSIRO and published in scientific journals.

How does it work?

It has twice as much fibre as any other cereal, so more of it ends up in the large intestine.

  • It contains high levels resistant-starch to help build healthy intestinal bacteria.
  • It contains bacteria that can stave off serious disease, constipation and irritiable bowel-related illnesses.

What evidence is there?

CSIRO Human Nutrition’s animal and human trials found:

BARLEYmax® breakfast cereals had a GI Glycaemic index (GI) of 50, compared to a conventional barley cereal GI of 77.

  • The GL (glycaemic load) was only 40 per cent of most barley cereals and led to a substantially lower insulin response.
  • BARLEYmax® has high levels of β-Glucan , a soluble fibre with cholesterol lowering properties.

What does it taste like?

The natural sweetness of means it has an appealing taste without added sugar.

Where can it be used?

BARLEYmax® can be used to produce:

  • extruded and rolled breakfast cereals
  • breads
  • muffins
  • health bars”

This product was developed in Australia by the CSIRO – Enquiries to

Thanks to A Current Affair for this article.

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  1. Hi there, saw the article on BARLEY Max on tv this week. Am very interested in purchasing cereal – any idea on where I can buy?
    Many thanks

  2. Can you advise when and where can we purchase the BarleyMax cereal do the coles and Woolworth’s chan sell

  3. Hi Ruth

    Take a look at the "Current Affair" site which has a link to the breakfast cereals shown on the show. I expect they will be available at the supermarket soon….

  4. we have been eating the cereal “digestive 1st” and have found an improvement already ~ we have been able to buy it at both woolworths and coles ~ we find the taste good and improvements almost immediate…

  5. I bought Protein 1st BarleyMax just so becos i was feelin ‘adventurous’ and wanted to try somethin other than good ole Weetbix. Omg, I have been goin to the toilet and droppin the kids of at the pool EVERY MORNING since eatin this barleymax thing… so i checked its website out and i realised it was on ACA show! It definitely lived up to what it claimed to be – MOVE OVER WEETBIX!

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