Japanese Plum Balls – Testimonials

What The Expert Has To Say About Japanese Plum Balls

“The improved Japanese Plum Balls… they are really powerful! I could feel the efficacy as soon as I started taking them. It truly is a miracle cure for numerous health complaints.”

Dr. TC Choo, Doctorate in Naturopathy & Nutrition Counselling, 59, Pahang, Malaysia


“My 58-year old mother used to complain about indigestion and excessive gas. Even after trying various medications, her discomfort still persisted. However, with Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls, her problems subsided. Its effectiveness is amazing!”….Jenny, 29, Klang

“ With Japanese Plum Balls, I no longer suffer from stiff neck and shoulders. Best of all, I feel more alert and don’t tire that easily anymore.” …Lilian Yong, 46, Kuala Lumpur

“ I used to get a sore throat whenever I took too much fried and spicy food. With Japanese Plum Balls, I can finally enjoy my favourite foods without the fear of suffering a sore throat.”…Cecelia Tham, 38, Kuala Lumpur

“ My whole family uses Japanese Plum Balls to treat almost any ailment, from indigestion, diarrhoea, sore throat, cold and even hangover. 15 balls taken during the onset of a cold never fails to ward it off. It is a must-have in every household.”…Ng Yoke Imm, 35, Kuala Lumpur

“ I used to suffer from severe indigestion and stomach discomfort, with frequent abdominal pain and excessive gas. Since taking Japanese Plum Balls, I no longer suffer from all these problems.”…Jenny Quek, 51, Singapore

Testimonials provided here represent personal experiences and may differ among individuals.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Plum Balls – Testimonials”

  1. I was sick for about a year, suffering from fibroid tumors, after taking the Japanese Plum balls, I can say that I am completely healed, no more pain, nausea, bleeding or traces of the tumors. It is awesome!!!

  2. for Kimberly
    just wonder how much JPb u took daily and for how long. After which, how do u know know that the fibroid tumors are no more? Thanks

  3. Charles

    I don’t know how much Kimberley consumed or for how long, maybe she will see you questions and respond. I do know that fibroid tumors (which are (usually) benign hormone fed uterine growths) cause bleeding and pain, so maybe it was the clearing of these symptoms which led her to believe the tumors were gone.

    Being a natural food product, Japanese Plum Balls aren’t toxic in any way. I know people who rely on them to get over any minor illness like sore throats etc. They take as many as 10 balls several times per day. They are small and easy to swallow.

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