Natural French Sea Salt

Natural French Sea Salt

Natural French Sea Salt

Lower in Sodium Chloride. Higher in trace minerals.
Healthier for You & Your Family

Too much of anything is bad for you, especially regular table salt. A diet rich in salt can cause or aggravate high blood pressure and seriously affect your health. Now, there is a lower sodium chloride alternative!

Natural French Sea Salt is all natural, hand harvested and sun-dried. It not only has less sodium chloride, it also has over 80 essential trace minerals that can replace the minerals lacking in our diet.

The regular salt that most of us consume every day contains almost 99.9% sodium chloride, which has been implicated in high blood pressure and other health problems.

Health experts, including Dr. Aviv from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, have reported that sodium chloride can cause cardiovascular diseases (strokes and heart attacks) and kidney failure because sodium chloride increases the reactivity of platelets causing them to clump together.

Now, there is a healthier, lower sodium chloride alternative to regular salt — Natural French Sea Salt.

Salt Harvesting by Hand

  • Hand harvested and sun-dried from the pristine marshes of Guerande in Brittany, France, using strict traditional methods to retain its nutrient content.
  • With over 80 trace minerals, it replaces the minerals that are often lacking in the diet
  • Unlike regular salt, it is not bleached, refined or laced with harmful chemical additives
  • Does not contain Aluminium silicate- an anti-caking agent found in regular salt. (Aluminium has been linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.)

Share the great cooking secret of professional chefs around the world with Natural French Sea Salt’s superb flavour-enhancing properties.

High sodium chloride intake causes water retention, and subsequently weight increase.
Avoid all this with Nn Natural French Sea Salt!

How to use:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Natural French Sea Salt in distilled water & drink to remineralize body after exercise as sweating causes loss of minerals
  • Mix ½ teaspoon in a glass of water and drink to alleviate acute muscle cramps
  • Gargle with salt water to reduce bad breath or to alleviate mouth ulcers
  • Drink a bit of french salt water to reduce heatiness.

Question & Answer

1. Can I use Nn Natural French Sea Salt for cooking?
Yes, of course! Add a dash of Nn Natural French Sea Salt to your food and cooking for that superb taste. You can use it in place of the regular table salt for your cooking Alternatively, you can use it flavoring raw food like salad. You can experiment for example, by sprinkling it on fresh fish during broiling. It’s all a question of individual taste. Try using 2- 3 pinches in baking for a new twist!

2. Why is Nn Natural French Sea Salt moist and tends to clump up?
We’re so used to regular salt being pure white powder that pours out easily from the saltshaker. Nn Natural French Sea Salt is very different from the regular table salt. The moisture is a sign that it’s been harvested recently and still retains its moisture and minerals. It is not refined and bleached; therefore, the salt is not in pure white colour. It does not contain any Alzheimer- causing chemical anti-caking agents such as Aluminium silicate. Clumping means that the quality of the salt has not been compromised.

3. Does Nn Natural French Sea Salt contains any heavy metals since it is harvested from the sea?
Nn Natural French Sea is harvested from the pristine, pollution-free salt marshes of Guérande, France. Please rest assured that the quality and safety of the salt is not compromised in any way. The salt is regularly tested for any traces of heavy metal content by Institut Départemental d Analyse et de Conseil (IDAC), a reputable lab in France.

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