20 Fat Busting Tips – Tip 12 – Add Taste

It’s about flavor…

When I was a child I had trouble eating salad. I just found it boring. Of course there was nothing added to it to make it interesting.  It took me a long time to find simple ways to add interest and flavor without adding lots of calories (from salad dressing).  These are the ways I’ve found which work for me:-

  • Add grated carrot – carrots are very healthy and tastymandarin-segments
  • Add mandarin or orange segments – delicious and healthy
  • Add very finely chopped red onion – just 1 slice is enough to add flavor without tasting of raw onion. (I slice up an onion and freeze it – just remove a slice when I need it)
  • Use vine ripened tomatoes – they taste great
  • Add grated cheese – a small quantity will do
  • Add chopped parsley or coriander – or your favorite herb