Detox Programs – Do They Work? – Part 7 – Radiation

Part 7

Think about radiation…

Radiation is toxic to our bodies however, we are all exposed to unavoidable radiation exposure from sources like cosmic radiation from outer space, natural radiation from the earth.

So simply getting closer to space in ways like air travel and living at altitude increases your exposure to cosmic radiation.

Other man-made factors  in your environment like, living near a coal fired or nuclear power plant, also increases your exposure.

Household items like smoke detectors, microwave ovens, TV sets and other electrical equipment emit radiation of different types.

Try to minimize your exposure to radiation from sources like medical x-rays and nuclear medicine procedures.

Cell phones also emit radiation. While it may not be scientifically proven they cause illness, there is enough anecdotal evidence for me to decide to limit the time I place anything which emits EMF near my head. I’ve seen a Neurosurgeon on TV stating his personal belief that we are about to see an epidemic of  brain tumors due to EMF radiation from mobile phones. I think we are already seeing this happen. His suggestion? Use your phones loud speaker to take and make calls. Don’t allow children to use cell phones or cordless phones.

Some other practical suggestions:-

Don’t place a cordless phone on your bedside table – use a corded phone there.

For other suggestions visit this link for a comprehensive list of how to avoid EMF in the home.

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