“Health A to Z” – X

The Letter X.  Surprisingly, easier to write about than “U”.


x-raysThe X-Ray was recently voted as the number one scientific invention. Obviously the ability to look inside a living body without cutting is an achievement not to be understated.  However, it is still radiation exposure.  Remember that the technician wears protective clothing and operates the machine from behind a shield and wears an exposure indicator.  Of course, their exposure is much more likely (and on a daily basis). Still, I think it’s sensible to limit your exposure as much as possible.


Yellow foodsLatin for Yellow – xanthins are powerful nutrients which protect the immune system. Eat yellow foods like, bananas, yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes, squash, grapefruit, lentils, lemons, melons, pineapples, yellow apples, mangos, pears etc.