“Health A to Z” – Y

The Letter Y.


A source of calcium for your bones, vitamins riboflavin and B12, protein and potassium. A essential aid to improving digestive health (make sure the natural yogurt you but says “active yogurt cultures”).  Your digestive tract has many kinds of beneficial bacteria (called probiotics). Eating yogurt with live cultures helps the delicate balance between the good bacteria we need and bad bacteria which can cause digestive upsets.


Overall we have an aging population and most of want to maintain our youth and quality of life as long as possible. Hydration, nutrition, skin care, not smoking, reducing sugar and fat intake, taking care to reduce exposure to toxins, getting enough sunlight to boost Vitamin D but not too much (avoiding overexposure to the sun, sunburn), avoiding too much alcohol and any kind of drugs will all help you to maintain your youth.

What to eat to help maintain your youth?  See the chart below.

Healthy diet