Nutrition Intelligence – Your Immune System – Part 5

Our immune system is constantly on alert, watching over us to protect us against the many enemies that may threaten our health. Bacteria, viruses, foreign proteins, toxins, mutated cells and cancerous cells are examples.

Before we even show any signs of ill heath, our immune system will launch an attack if there is an invasion. If our immune system is successful at curbing the problem, you may not even know much about it. You may simply experience a day when you felt a bit “off” and not exhibit any obvious symptoms of infection.

A weakened immune system reduces our ability to resist infections and makes it more likely that we will experience allergies and autoimmune disorders. Most debilitating diseases do not manifest symptoms until it’s too late.

Nature has equipped us with built-in defense, which is very important to overcome infections, our wonderful immune system. A strong immune system is still our best defense. It’s our duty to do all we can to support and boost it and make it strong.