Nutrition Intelligence – Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Minerals – Part 2

Are you getting enough? Here are a few reasons why we have difficulty getting sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace minerals from our normal diets:-

  • The plants (fruits and vegetables) that we are eating are now grown over and over in the same soil year after year. The soil has long been depleted of nutritional content; therefore the nutritional value of the crop grown in the soil is also depleted. In an attempt to improve the crop, man-made chemicals are added as fertilizer to make the plants grow faster. However, these are not the minerals required by your body.
  • Food processing such as cooking, heating, freezing, adding preservatives and other chemical additives destroys vital vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, hence putting a further strain on our wellbeing.
  • Food refining, e.g. to make white rice, white flour, and white sugar removes more than 90% of the nutrients.
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and processed foods interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Tea and coffee, for instance, reduces the absorption rate of iron and vitamin Bs by more than 70%. Since these are vital to the production of red blood cells which transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, excess consumption of tea and coffee leaves us constantly tired and drained of energy.
  • Stress puts an extra load on the body and increases the need for larger amounts of nutrients. Conditions of stress are produced by drugs, certain prescriptive medications, chemicals, infections, noise, excessive tiredness, psychological upsets, anxiety, resentments and a whole host of other factors.