Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 7 – Fruit & Veges

Plan to eat more fruit and vegetables…

We touched on this at the end of Part 6, but the concept is so important it deserves more detail.

To get to this point you have done heaps to initiate your Calorie & Fat Deficit plan:-

  1. Consumed fewer calories.
  2. Drank a lot more water.
  3. Stopped think about dieting.
  4. Started to burn fat through exercise.
  5. Got your aerobic activity started.
  6. Eating 5/6 balanced meals per day.

You have probably felt challenged, but satisfied.  It can be difficult to break habits, but it’s worth it to achieve Effective and Permanent Weight Loss.

Now is the time to EAT. What you choose to eat now will have lasting impact on your body. You need to eat satisfying nutrient rich foods.  This will avoid trapping you into “Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome” which in turn causes “Nutrient Deficiency Stimulated Appetite” – which put simply means your body needs nutrients and stimulates your appetite.  Eating nutrient poor foods causes overeating as your body strives to gain nutrients, and you end up overfed and undernourished. A very bad combination.

So what should you eat? Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients like, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. So adding more fruit and vegetables to your meals is crucial. Fresh seasonal produce is best. Deeply colored produce has higher levels of antioxidants. Berry fruits are special nutritional treats.

Try to make your meal at least 75% fruit and vegetables.  You can even eat pizza, just control your portion size and add heaps of healthy salad. has just published a fabulous Guacamole recipe and details the benefits of the natural ingredients written by Kirk Patrick.

Check out the free charts with details of fruits and vegetables nutrients.

Free Fruit & Vegetable Phytonutrients Charts

Free Fruit & Vegetable Nutritient Charts

The only concern is that modern farming methods may mean that commercially grown crops do not have the same levels of nutrients as organically grown crops. To ensure you get sufficient nutrients I recommend adding spirulina and chlorella supplements to your daily routine.