10 Things You Need To Know to Lose Weight – Part 1

Part 1 – Don’t Skip Meals

Recently the BBC produced a TV program with some interesting new insights into how to lose weight.  Their scientific approach helps us understand how our ingrained primitive instincts and natural bodily reactions affect our food choices and eating habits.

People think that skipping  a meal means simply because fewer calories are being consumed, weight loss will result.  Unless you literally starve yourself, nothing is further from the truth. Our brains are wired to respond to hunger by alerting us to EAT – at this time we naturally crave high-calorie foods. In the past this could have meant a hunter gatherer searched (getting exercise as they searched) for some sugary berries. Nowadays it probably means a quick trip to the pantry for some cookies or even worse a visit to the local chain of food-to-go for a high fat, high sugar, high calorie meal.

So, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can beat nature and skip meals.  Eat regular meals and keep those basic instincts under control.