10 Things You Need To Know To Lose Weight – Part 3

Part 3 – Count Your Calorie Intake

Keep it simple. What do I mean? Take coffee for example, those fancy flavored cappuccinos have lots of things added, flavor, sugar, milk which all add to their calorie count – the worst I have seen is a Coffee, Mocha, White Chocolate, Skimmed, Whip, Tall from Starbucks with a whopping 344 calories, compared to approx. 10 in a black coffee.

Or take a simple slice of toast for around 125 calories compared to around 400-600 in a cinnamon bun.

Grilled chicken with salad comes in at around 250 calories, but the same meal with added cheese, croutons and creamy dressing is around 450 calories. When you add dressing you are really trying to add more flavor, so try adding a sprinkle of spices to your grilled chicken or add some very finely chopped red onion to your salad.

Feel like a snack? Try an apple or two (120 calories) rather than a bar of chocolate at 300.  Still need some chocolate?  Try Cacolamine!

How about pizza? Instead of the high calorie count in a meat and pepperoni pizza (1400+) try one with baby spinach, sweet potato, capsicum, artichokes , thinly sliced red onion or other vegetables of your choice instead. Another tip is to stick with the thin crust version or make your own using pre-packaged frozen puff pastry as the base (best made on a pre-heated pizza stone so it will crisp up) and add you choice of vegetables to a base with organic or homemade tomato sauce and a moderate quantity of grated cheese.

Overall, eating low calorie versions of your favorite foods could prevent you eating hundreds of unnecessary calories per day.