Are You Worthy?

I Learned Something New last week…

Someone said that people neglect their health because of their self-esteem issues. They feel they aren’t worthy of good health. I hadn’t thought about that before. It was a eye opener for me.

It’s interesting to consider this in view of the availability of healthy food options.

I don’t think it’s about affordability.  I don’t think it’s about ease of access. Healthy choices are also affordable and accessible.

The choices we make about whether we eat the healthy option or the not so good for us option tell a story. The story is what we tell ourselves in the self-talk in our heads.

We are all worthy of good health. I am, you are, we all  are.  There is no doubt.

I was reading Mike Adams (Natural News) article on Michael Jackson’s tragic death and the terrible state of Michael’s health and wondered about his mindset. Given that Michael had any and all food choices available to him why was he emaciated and unhealthy?