Fluoride in Drinking Water

I was reading an article on Dr Mercola’s site yesterday.  The subject is the dangers of fluoride in our water supplies. Everyone should be aware of this toxic drug being added to many water supplies.

Please view the video (it’s really an audio) below about fluoride – it’s long but worth your time.

Find out more about water here. The Hexagon Water Purifer filters out fluoride.

Here’s the link to the original article and video.


2 thoughts on “Fluoride in Drinking Water”

  1. I actually had a dental hygenist ask me if I wanted a flouride treatment, when that was the typical standard procedure with a regular cleaning. She told me about the dangers and how for someone with relatively healthy teeth, it’s not necessary. So of course I said no, and wished other hygenists had told me this info before! Plus I got to save $12 :)

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