“Health – A to Z” – C

“Health – A to Z” – The Letter C.


The higher the percentage of cocoa solids the more antioxidants are present – look for dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa solids.


I’m talking about elimination of bodily wastes here. If you can’t lose that lower tummy bulge then chances are that you’re carrying around at least some old fecal matter in your colon. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, include ground flaxseed meal (a great source of fiber, plus beneficial Omega -3 oils), take probiotics to assist in repopulating your intestinal flora, drink lots of pure water,periodically do a colon cleanse using a product with natural ingredients.


Part of your digestive system, where toxic wastes (including heavy metals like mercury and lead) can accumulate creating an encrusted layer on the walls of your colon which prevents proper absorption of nutrients and causes digestive upsets and illnesses. Eating lots of refined, low fiber foods contribute to a sluggish bowel. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from intestinal parasites, candida infections in the colon.


Mental clarity and focus. Eat  lots of Brain Foods and other fresh fruits and vegetables plus drink plenty of pure water to aid your concentration.