“Health – A to Z” – D

“Health – A to Z” –  The Letter D.


We are subjected to an ever increasing number of chemicals in our daily lives. Think about everything you eat (try to eat organically grown food), drink (get a water purifier) and breathe (get a air purifier for your home). Think about reducing dry-cleaning, using natural cleaning products, using natural pest control methods to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.


Our diets, simply what we eat, determines our quality of life. Our bodies consist of trillions of cells and we need to feed them. So make sure you eat to nurture your body.


Our digestive process starts with chewing and saliva production. Digestion is essential to break down the nutrients in food. Our digestive systems are complex, but you don’t need to understand everything,  just believe in your body’s ability to react correctly if you treat it properly.