“Health – A to Z” – F

“Health – A to Z” – The Letter F


Yep, we’re back to talking about the colon. Dietary fiber assists in speeding up the transit time of waste through the large intestine, maintaining regular bowel movements without straining. See Flax Seed below.


Get a good water filter. A good one will filter out the bad and add the good. We need clean, pure water, enriched with ionic & trace minerals, pH-balanced to our body, with higher oxygen – Anti-pathogenic, and is energised, with smaller molecular clusters.

Flax Seed

The best source of healthy Omega-3 oils. In addition it contains sulfur-rich proteins which work along with the Omega-3 oils to become an anti cancer food. Ground flax seed is a good source of fiber. Mix 1 1/2 tablespoons with juice, morning and evening to keep you regular.