Health Care Reform – From The Inside Out

Reform Your Health…

Apart from what the politicians are talking about, health care reform should be our top priority.

I’m not referring to the state of the hospital systems or health insurance.

I’m saying that we are all responsible for our own health. We are the ones who decide what we eat. Although I do understand the immense pressure on families to choose “fast food”, meaning processed, prepackaged and take-out. Those choices should be resisted as much as possible.

If we really want to change our health outcomes, we need to change what we eat.

The consequences of  bad food choices are just too serious to ignore.

What changes have you made to improve your health?

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Nutrient Rich Food Choices
Nutrient Rich Food Choices

One thought on “Health Care Reform – From The Inside Out”

  1. There was a lot of talk about how hotdog packages should have cancer warning labels on them to avoid people suing hotdog companies when they get cancer. I think that’s ridiculous, and people should be responsible for what they put into their bodies. Good post!

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