Miracle Noodles – No Carbs, No Calories

I was doing some web research today (Ok, I was browsing around!) and I found a new(ish) product which seems to be a Miracle!

Naturally enough it’s called – Miracle Noodles.  The noodles/pasta are available in several types, like Angel Hair Pasta, Fettucini Pasta, Mini-Pearls Pasta (for soup), Orzo Pasta, Rigatoni Pasta, and shirtaki noodles.

Why are these miracle products?  It’s what they don’t have that’s the miracle:-

  • No Calories
  • No Carbohydrates

How can this be?  They are made from konjac root, the source for glucomannan, a natural soluble fiber used in some nutritional supplements. This root has traditionally been used throughout Asia as part of a healthy diet, so it’s not new to the food supply.

So the health benefits are multiple:-

  • Your calorie intake is reduced.
  • Your carbohydrate intake is reduced.
  • Your fiber intake is increased
  • You feel full on far fewer calories.
  • The overall Glycemic Index of your meal is reduced as the Miracle noodles do not contribute.
  • The noodles don’t require cooking – stirring a hot sauce is enough preparation.
  • The may help reduce your cholesterol levels
  • They may help normalize blood glucose levels – good for diabetics

So where is the downside?

The noodles don’t taste like wheat pasta (because it’s not). They have virtually no taste of their own – your favorite sauce provides the flavor.

You may wish to read more at their site: www.MiracleNoodle.com – they have details of medical studies as well as recipes

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