Stop Cancer Before It Starts – New Report

Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer

A  jointly researched report complied by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the U.K.- based World Cancer Research Fund was published yesterday.

The report sets out changes that can be made at all levels of society to reduce the number of cancer cases.

Of course, at NaturalSuperfoodsBlog we have been instinctively aware of the links between nutrition and cancer, so it’s great to see a report which gives real information about cancer prevention.

The whole report isn’t actually easy to access – they are selling hard copies or only allowing pdf downloads of sample chapters – so basically I haven’t read it!

However, I note that respected health news site comments on a few things the report apparently ignored, like the importance of Vitamin D  in reducing cancer, and eliminating toxins in personal care products and reducing exposure to x-rays.  Perhaps these are some of the aspects which influence the “unexplained” cancers the reports researchers state exist.

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