Outside Australia – Returns Policy & Procedure

Returns Policy & Procedure

Important Terms of Return; Refund or Replacement

How to Return an item:

  1. Log in using your Business Owner or Shopper ID and password.
  2. From the left menu bar, click on “Return Merchandise” under My Order to return a Supplier Selection item or click on “Return Merchandise / Refund Merchandise” under My Super Selection Order to return a Super Selection item.
  3. Type in your order number and then click the “Go” button. When the order number appears, click on it to bring up the details.
  4. Select the item(s) you wish to return (by clicking the circle in the far left column). You can only select items that say “fulfilled” in the status column.
  5. Click “Return” (located at the bottom of the page) to bring up the return form.
  6. Choose whether you want a replacement or a refund. If you want a replacement, please use the remarks section to explain what is wrong with the item you received and any other details relevant to its replacement (i.e. I received size 5 but I ordered size 6).
  7. Click “Submit” after you have completed the Form.
  8. When the return details appear, please check to make sure they are correct and then click “Confirm”. Once your return request is received and approved by the operations department, you will be assigned with a Merchandise Return Number (MRN) via email.
  9. Return the merchandise in its original packaging to the Supplier at the address stated on your invoice. Be sure to include the Merchandise Return Number in the package.

If you requested a replacement, the supplier will send it as soon as possible. If you requested a refund, the amount will be credited to you via your Refund eAccount as soon as we receive confirmation of the return from the supplier.
Returns Policy Conditions

  1. The return of any merchandise must be within ten (10) days from the date of its receipt.
  2. All merchandise may be returned unless specified otherwise in the shopping pages of the Shopping Mall.
  3. The Shopper must complete and submit the online Merchandise Return Form to the supplier.
  4. Upon approval, a Merchandise Return Number (MRN) will be sent to the Shopper by electronic mail. The Shopper can proceed with the return of the merchandise.
  5. All returned merchandise must be in original packaging and original condition; and sent to the Supplier’s mailing address stated on the shipping label with freight charges prepaid and borne by the Shopper. Suppliers will not accept shipping-collect charges.
  6. Proper shipping cartons and packaging materials are to be used in packaging the merchandise being returned. The Merchandise Return Number must be written on the Invoice which is to accompany the returned item to the Supplier.
  7. The Shopper must retain all supporting courier documents as proof of returning the merchandise and for tracking purposes. If the returned merchandise is not received by the Supplier, it is the responsibility of the Shopper to trace the shipment and file a claim for the lost or damaged merchandise.
  8. Returned merchandise will only be accepted if all of the above conditions and procedures have been complied with.

Refunds issued will be credited to your Shopper Refund eAccount. Upon the Supplier’s acceptance of returned merchandise, the supplier will notify the Shopper by electronic mail of the amount that will be credited to the Shopper’s Refund eAccount. A Shopper must utilize the credit balance available in the Shopper Refund eAccount towards payment for his or her next purchase. If the available credit balance in the Shopper Refund eAccount is insufficient to pay for the next purchase, the balance due must be paid with an accepted mode of payment.

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