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Once your order has been confirmed by the supplier, it will be shipped. Different suppliers have different delivery schedules and it’s hard to predict the exact timing of international delivery, but you will receive an email as soon as the item has left the supplier. You can roughly estimate the arrival time based on the distance between the supplier and you. Most products generally take between 2 and 3 weeks for delivery from the time you receive the order confirmation email but the actual delivery time is dependent on various factors.

Bundle Packaging
Products from the Super Selections area can be shipped together, but if you purchase more than one product from the Supplier Selections area, they will arrive in separate packages if they are from different suppliers. Of course, multiple items from the same supplier will be shipped together.

Freight Charges
We can’t charge a fixed amount for freight because we are asking suppliers from all over the world to ship individual items to shoppers all over the world. Freight charges depend not only on the size and weight of the product, but also on the chosen carrier and the geographical location of the supplier in relation to the delivery destination and charges for that region.
You will see the actual freight charge for your order during the checkout process (after you have entered the delivery address.) If the charge is not acceptable to you, you can stop the transaction before you make your payment.

Good News! eCosway subsidizes part of the freight charge for most items in order to make global shopping affordable. The subsidy is determined by several factors (retail price, profit margin, weight and size of the product, actual freight charges, destination, etc.) so it differs widely from product to product, but our goal is to give you as much as we possibly can.

Plus, You can get fantastic freight savings when you buy more than one SuperSelection item for two reasons.

1. First of all, the items can be shipped together from our parent company’s warehouse, so the total freight charge is less than if the items were sent separately.

2. Second, you are still entitled to the freight subsidy we give on each item so the combined subsidy can dramatically reduce your overall shipping cost. For example, is a certain product has a $3 subsidy and you bought three of them, we would deduct $9 from the actual freight charge which might have been only $11.00 to start with. In this case, you would end up paying just $2 for the freight! Any Super Selection Items (except the Hexagon) can be combined to achieve this type of freight savings. The Hexagon has its own very generous freight subsidy and shipping is free to many countries.

3. Special freight arrangements apply to Hexagon Water Systems, with free shipping to some countries – please refer to the following information.

Special Hexagon Shipping Details

Does the free shipping offer apply to my country?
We have included a generous freight subsidy in the pricing of the Hexagon. Since the actual shipping charge of a Hexagon to most countries is equal to or less than the subsidy amount, there is usually no freight charged to the customer. In countries where the actual freight charge is more than the subsidy amount, the difference is charged to the customer. From most of the examples we’ve seen, this amount is very low, but since we have already given all the discounts we can on this product, (and freight companies don’t ship things for free), we have no choice but to charge this difference to the customer.

The following countries are definitely covered by the subsidy so shipping to these countries is free. If your country isn’t on the list, you will need to go through the order process and enter in the delivery address to see the freight charge (if any) to your destination. You will be able to see this charge before you need to submit payment.

Please Note: If you live in a country that has offline Sales Centers, you will not be eligible for the online discount or for subsidized shipping. Please purchase your Hexagon at a local Sales Center.

Macao Philippines Japan Malaysia Qatar
Bangladesh Hong Kong South Korea Maldives Singapore
Brunei Laos Pakistan Taiwan Cambodia
Papua New Guinea Luxembourg Indonesia Thailand

Taxes and Duty
Most countries do not charge taxes or duty on single items shipped to individuals. However, you will be responsible for any duty or taxes imposed by your country’s authorities if they do occur so you might want to check your country’s policy.

Banned Products
eCosway cannot keep track of what is banned in every country. Please check the restrictions of your own country and do not order anything that might be confiscated. We cannot be responsible for such an event.

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