Sleep Solutions Seminar

I went to a sleep “seminar” tonight.

It was held by a company called Wenatex who sells their sleep systems direct to consumers (not through retail outlets).  It was the type of seminar where you are supplied with a meal.  Overall, I enjoyed the evening.  I’m always interested learning something new and I met some very nice people. The presenter was well informed and there was no high pressure selling.

The night was certainly informative, with a lot of details on sleep patterns (recordings of sleep stages in a sleep lab), how dust mites live in our bedding (very nasty critters) and adversley affect our health.

There is no doubt their product is extremely well researched and manufactured.  It includes technologies like silver treated fibre for it’s antibacterial properties. A herbal (17 herbs) inlay to induce a calm state. Fully washable pillows, quilts and mattress cover. The mattress core is a combination of different types of “foam like” materials (I’m sure that calling it foam is a very inaccurate description for the advanced materials used) zoned to support your body correctly.

Did I buy their system tonight? No. However, I will certainly consider it sometime in the future.

One thing I learned is that everyone MUST wash their (washable) bedding in HOT water.  It doesn’t need to be boiling,  just hot from your hot water system should be fine.  Hot water kills dust mites.

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