A Pure Acai Berry Success Story on Effectively Losing 5 Pounds Every Week

You have heard several success stories on using Acai Berry, so here is one that you can read about. She used Pure Acai Berry capsules?and was very happy with the results. Find out why.

Here is Andrea Lewis story about her personal experience with Pure Acai Berry…

When I first learned on the acai berry health benefits, I was at first a little adamant. This is because my previous experience with organic supplement was not impressive and I only lose a few pounds.

Nonetheless, as I examined the Pure Acai Berry?s accreditation, customer?s testimonies and trials, I got convince to give it a go.

The amazing thing about it, I lost more than 2 stone and feel very great in 3 months time.

As a temp in an administrative firm, my schedule is frequently unfriendly. I usually go home between 7:30 to 8 in the evening, and because of this, my lifestyle is not as healthy as it should. I rather go for prepared food, toss in the oven, then dawdle in the couch and watch TV.

Within a year, I gained 3 stone, what’s more I felt horrendous. In addition to that, I was feeling weary all the time, and I was having a hard time focusing at work. That then pushed me to take weight loss supplement. However, after frittering away ?100 on 3 assorted dietetic pills, yet only to get rid of 3 pounds, I was practically at snapping point.

In spite of following the professional?s advise like eating more fruits and vegetables, dropping carbohydrates load, and working out, changes are nil in my body.

Coincidentally, I found out from Michelle, a friend and colleague, about Pure Acai Berry. She said she lost 4 pounds after using these supplements in a matter of 1 week. She also mentioned that she spotted a notable progress in her skin tone and even felt lively.

I got curious and explored about Pure Acai Berry, and I certainly was amazed of what I found out. As a result I tried that product. Indeed, the effect was remarkable. I lost weight something like 3-5 lbs every week. Indeed the change it made on me in entirety was on the spot.

I am a person who always has concerns with dull pain, however after taking Pure Acai Berry for 2 weeks I observed a considerable change in my look. My skin was velvety, I felt better, and I truthfully felt entirely recharged. Now, I am raring to go for anything even swimming.

Acai does not have any side effect so for me that is the best thing because I do not have to get anxious about negative outcome. Taking this supplement is uplifting hence I am assured that I could confidently go to work free of any anxiety.

Three months had passed and my weight loss is still standing strong. As a matter of fact, my GP informed during my recent visit that my cholesterol levels are now normal. I was really ecstatic since looking back in April I was on medication for that health concern.

As of now, I have one more stone to go, yet with acai berry I am in no doubt be able to attain my ideal weight loss. Pure Acai berry is indeed a supplement I would advocate to all my friends.

Here is the good news. You too can lose 3lbs-5lbs per week with Pure Acai Berry and achieve the body you have always wanted! If you want to lose weight with Pure Acai Berry capsules?like Andrea Lewis did, visit this site for more details: http://www.weightlossreviewed.info/pureacaiberry

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