Japanese Plum Balls – Bounce back to Good Health

The “Blue Diamond” of Fruits

Promotes Excellent Health & Vitality

The Japanese are renowned for longevity, low cancer rate and excellent skin condition. Part of the reason lies in their regular diet of Ume, the Japanese plum. Considered an indispensable food, these plums are taken after every meal to aid digestion and improve assimilation of nutrients for enhanced general health and vitality.


Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls are obtained from the concentrated extract of Ume. The extract is then combined with Wild Japanese Mountain Yam or Jinenjo, a digestive aid that enhances its potency. The mixture is sculpted into easy-to-swallow plum balls.

Two Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls are equivalent to one fresh plum of 25 grammes. The people of Japan take an average of 5 fresh plums (equivalent to 10 plum balls) a day as part of their diet. Children in Japan are given an average of 2.5 fresh plums (equivalent to 5 plum balls) as a part of their daily diet. Make plum balls part of your diet to enjoy the longevity and vitality of the Japanese!

Recommended for those who:

  • Tire easily
  • Suffer from excessive gas, bloatedness and indigestion
  • Skip meals or lack nutrition
  • Suffer body aches (especially the elderly)
  • Are under stress
  • Consume alcohol
  • Are prone to flu, cold and infections; have poor immune system
  • Suffer from diarrhea, constipation or mild food poisoning
  • Would like to maintain a healthy body weight


Each ball contains:
Ume Plum (Fructus Mume) Concentrate – 103 mg
Wild Japanese Mountain Yam (Rhizoma Discoreae Japonica) – 127 mg

Does not contain filler, binders, excipients and sugar. No artificial coloring, chemical additives, stabilizers, preservatives, animal substances or gelatin.