The Flex Belt – FDA Approved Ab Toning Belt

I’m sure that like most people you would want to attain a flat, firm toned abdomen.

Well, there is some good news! The FDA have approved a medical technology device which is now available to the public….Please take some time to look it up for yourself  The Flex Belt

The device is called the Flex Belt Abdominal toning belt.  It’s really a wonderful advance in technology allowing effective ab exercising very conveniently. It’s so easy to use at any time which suits you, at work, while out walking, when doing work around the house, any time you’re exercising, even when you’re watching TV.

The results have been impressive. Clinical trial results showed that all participants got great results in toning and flattening their stomach.

The device is real medical science but you don’t need to go to a doctor to get yours, just click HERE. It’s called an EMS (electric muscle stimulation) device. The FDA approves it’s availability directly to consumers.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to enhance your abs – this is for you. There are a huge range of intensity levels – 100 in fact – so you can always find the right level to start with, then build to more intense workouts. Or use the built-in training programs. You’ll really feel it!

You can see an amazing demo of the product by Clicking HERE:

Forget painful, difficult, and repetitive Ab crunches, Use the Flex Belt’s approved medical grade technology to form a firmer, stronger and more toned abdominal area.  You have the satisfaction of knowing that the makers of Flex Belt are a medical device company with 40 years experience in making EMS devices for medical (yes, therapists in thousands of clinics use EMS devices everyday) and consumer use.

The Flex Belt is precisely engineered, lightweight and breathable. In fact the company is so confident you’ll get amazing results with the ergonomically designed training belt that they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee if you use the belt as instructed (30 minutes, once a day, five days a week). It tones your central abdominal muscles and obliques to help you achieve the flat stomach or ‘six-pack’ Abs you’ve always wanted. You will definitely see results before the 60 days are up – so this is no-lose situation satisfaction guarantee policy.

Sporting legends like Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers use the Flex Belt – see a video clip of Jerry wearing belt on the official website CLICK HERE.

What does it cost?
The Flex Belt is under US$200 for one belt – Wow! A VERY affordable price for professional technology which guarantees you flattering Abs.

Why not take advantage of the multiple purchase discounts. When you order an additional belt, say, for your training partner or family member, you will get a 25% discount on the second belt. Better still, when you buy (in one order) additional Flex Belts you get a 25% discount (except for the first one).
1 Flex Belt = US$199.99
2 Flex Belts = US$349.00 (a $50 saving)
3 Flex Belts = US$499.99 (a $100 saving)
4 Flex Belts = US$649.99 (a $150 saving)

It makes sense to purchase more than one for a few reasons:-

  • you get a discount
  • you can compare results with your training partners, friends and family
  • What about the perfect Christmas gift?

What we like:-

  • The science says it work
  • There are no hidden costs
  • All orders come with a very reasonable 60-day money back return policy.
  • You can get discounts when buying multiples
  • No-one is ever disappointed.

Please click HERE to visit the awesome authorized website, it’s got great information and vision to inform you about the Flex Belt used by sporting legends and celebrities.

Make sure you read the reviews from publications like

  • Flex Magazine
  • Weight Watchers
  • Glamour
  • Cosmopolitan,
  • Men’s Fitness
  • and many more…

Can you really afford to pass up this cutting-edge product? Click HERE to visit the official website.


  • Helps tighten, tone and strengthen the abs anytime or anywhere you want to use it
  • Scientific trials show that 100% of users report it worked for them
  • You can get results in weeks
  • Can be used at your convenience, any time, any where
  • Backed by the reputations of major celebrities and doctors
  • Approved by the FDA as a medical grade device available to consumers
  • Comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • 2-year extended replacement warranty

The Flex Belt is only guaranteed for 60-days if you buy it on the official Flex Belt website – It’s important to note there are no returns unless you buy it through the authorized website.

Who can use the Flex Belt?

  • Casual Exercisers who don’t want the expense of joining a gym
  • Fitness Enthusiasts who just want that “extra” boost
  • Busy Executives who want to make to most of their time
  • Students who have the dual challenges of lack of time and money
  • Seniors who feel daunted about going to a gym
  • New Mothers who can tone away their post-baby tummies in private
  • Stay at home mothers who can get in shape while doing daily household chores, or even while shopping
  • Anyone with physical difficulties
  • Anyone that wants sexy sculptured abs
  • People who want an effective, convenient, value for money workout.

Click HERE to visit the official website and get yours – I believe that you won’t be disappointed. The science shows it works!