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No Prescriptions, No injections… ever. Just easy oral drops to help you lose weight.

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Liquid HCG Diet

When HCG is administered in small daily doses, combined with a low-calorie diet, it makes abnormal fat available for consumption by the body, which reduces cravings and enables a person to stick to the diet and lose on average a pound per day.

We actually have three kinds of body fat:-
1.    Normal structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs providing cushioning.
2.    Our normal reserve of fuel which we can freely draw upon when energy needs are not being met.
3.    Abnormal fat which is not accessible to our metabolism.  This fat just stays there and you become overweight.  HCG targets this type of fat.

HCG actually targets the hypothalamus in the brain, which controls the digestive system’s ability to receive, coordinate, and respond to metabolic cues and signals from the digestive system. By integrating these metabolic signals, the hypothalamus tells us when we need to eat to maintain a metabolic (body weight) “set point,” much like a thermostat for your furnace.

When administered in small daily doses, HCG helps us to gain access to or make available for fuel the abnormal fat deposits that have formed around the hips, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms. This facilitates a “targeted” loss in people who, after a history of dieting, find it difficult to lose weight.

Sagging Excess Skin from Other Dieting Methods
Those who lose weight quickly often have excess skin, commonly termed sagging. This is because, when looking for energy, your body looks for the easiest energy source first and finds structural and normal fat deposits. The loss of this tissue affects the shape and contour of the face and other parts of the body, like the breasts. We’ve all met people who have lost a lot of weight quickly and noticed how they look older and unwell because they have lost fat from their face.

HCG Targets Your Abnormal Fat
HCG targets only abnormal fat deposits, this means the body’s structural and normal fat tissues are left intact. In contrast to other forms of weight loss, the HCG diet produces a faster, more noticeable effect on the body, because all of the fat being burned is directly targeted at the common problem areas. In essence, HCG not only helps with weight loss, but also helps to reshape the body and maintain and even improve health.

Included in the system:
* 2 ounce supply of top quality homeopathic oral HCG which will last you 35-40 days.
* A 50 page book put together by Dr. Finsand that has complete instructions, tips, information and lots of recipes for making this diet a very positive and actually enjoyable experience.
* One oral syringe so you don’t have to count drops
* Unlimited support from both our staff and many others who have had success on this diet and who are going through it together with you on our facebook community.

100% Money Back Guarantee – With the Liquid HCG Diet you are guaranteed results or your money back!  We are so confident you will lose weight if you follow our program that if you’re not completely satisfied with your results within 30 days of order, simply  return the program for the full purchase price, less shipping.  The only thing to lose is weight with the Liquid HCG Diet!

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 6 – Eat Smaller Meals

Plan on eating smaller portions (more frequently)…

When you eat you are providing your body with fuel.  Think about what would happen if you kept on filling your car with fuel when it was already full.  Disaster!  Well, we’re pretty much the same. Overeating = Excessive Fueling.

Don’t get obsessed with thinking about food or hunger. It’s natural to want to eat, you can’t survive without food. It’s our fuel.

What you need to control is the quantity and timing. So think about portion control and eating 5 to 6 times per day.

Portion control

One simple technique is to just use a smaller plate. Over the years the size of plates being manufactured has increased, so your small portion may look skimpy on a large plate. The visual impact of a small plate full of good food is important.

Knowing that you will be eating again in a couple of hours removes any hunger anxiety.

Eat More Frequently

One of the keys to being able to access body fat as a source of energy is to maintain even blood sugar throughout the day. Your pancreas will love you if, rather than having to cope with large amounts of food at a sitting and becoming overworked, your pancreas will be better able aid your digestive process.  Even blood sugar levels and energy consumption is attained by having 5 to 6 balanced, smaller meals spaced out over the course of your day.

  1. Breakfast
  2. Mid-morning
  3. Lunch
  4. Mid-afternoon
  5. Dinner (a light meal eaten early)
  6. Post Dinner snack (not a sugary dessert)

Balanced meals means – consisting of protein (essential amino acids), carbohydrates (fiber and energy), fats (essential fatty acids),  fruits & vegetables (fiber, vitamins and minerals).

The carbohydrates should be ones which increase blood sugar slowly (have a low Glycemic Index). Reduce all sugars and starchy carbohydrate foods and increase fruits, vegetables, salads, whole (unprocessed) grains. Increasing the quantity of unprocessed whole foods increases your nutrient and fiber intake and helps reduce calories.  Low GI/High fiber consumption has the following benefits:-

  1. You feel satisfied for longer
  2. You consume fewer calories
  3. Your blood sugar remains more even
  4. Your digestive system works better

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 5 – Aerobic Activity

Plan to do some Aerobic Activities…

Firstly, what is aerobic activity?  It’s defined  as “any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature.” It is a type of exercise that puts a load on your heart and lungs and causes them to work harder than while resting. The important idea behind aerobic exercise today, is to get up and get moving!!

Aerobic activity can develop the efficiency of your fat burning metabolism. If you’re unfit you’ll need to  develop your fat burning systems over a period of time. Up to 6 months of regular aerobic activity would be required.

Aerobic activity can also help contribute to the “Calorie and Fat Deficit” required for effective fat loss.

I’ve found an exercise machine which works to give you aerobic activity – try it out.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 4 – Strength Training

Part 4 – Plan on building muscle with progressive strength training…

It’s a simple formula.  Each couple of pounds (1 kilo) of muscle tissue burns around 80 calories per day, while fat tissue burns only 5 calories.

With exercise you can increase the calories being burned up to 10 fold, plus build more muscle as you train. This is important as body fat is burned to create muscle tissue.  So the more muscle tissue you build the more fat you can burn.

Try a fun way to build muscle here.

Permanent Weight Loss – 7 Little Known Secrets – Part 1

Part 1 – Plan For Fat Reduction

Instead of just being focused on weight loss, focus on reducing the percentage of fat you are carrying on your body.  The bad news is that reducing body fat means reducing your food intake. Why? Consuming fewer calories (caloric deficit of at least 500 calories per day)  will cause your body to metabolize it’s own fat reserves. Your reserves will then be  used for essential body functions, daily activity and exercise and you lose weight

Beware of low fat products. A large percentage of low or no fat products actually contain a lot of sugar to make them more palatable. Read the labels and avoid high sugar, highly processed, foods with lots of chemical names and numbers.  You need to eat real foods, not chemicals which increase your toxin load, even if they supposed to be “safe”.

The good news is that adding natural whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a natural, low fat of way reducing your overall calorie intake. Plus you also increase your fiber intake which is good for your digestive system.