Are You Magnetic Field Deficient?

Do you have Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome?

According to health professionals, including Dr. Nakagawa, director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, symptoms of “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome” can include:

  • insomnia & poor sleep quality
  • fatigue & lethargy
  • stiff shoulders, neck or back
  • chest pain
  • heavy head, headaches & dizziness
  • chronic constipation
  • poor healing ability
  • weakened defences against infections
  • chronic degenerative disease

These are very common symptoms which can seriously affect your quality of life.

What Do Magnetic Fields Have to Do With Health?

Magnets have a long history of being used as healing devices to treat various medical conditions. Magnetic healing was even practiced in ancient civilizations. Hippocrates, “the father of Medicine” wrote about magnetic healing powers, while Cleopatra, known for her exquisite beauty, purportedly adorned herself with magnetic jewelery and slept with lodestone (a natural magnet) under her pillow to preserve her youthfulness and vitality. Chinese manuscripts dating back thousands of years describe the “Qi” life force that is generated by the earth’s magnetic field.

The human body is surrounded by an intricate network of geomagnetic fields that play a major role in bodily functions and health conditions. Our cells are governed by tiny electromagnetic currents generated by chemical reactions within cells and ionic currents of the nervous system, and are highly sensitive to changes in the earth’s geomagnetic fields.

Scientists report that the earth’s geomagnetic field is declining every decade. Coupled with the magnetic field interference created by power lines, electrical wiring, motor vehicles, and home appliances such as televisions, microwave ovens, computers, mobile phones, etc, this has affected health and well-being – causing what is known to scientists as “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome”. The problem is further magnified when we live in steel-reinforced, concrete houses or high-rise buildings that block our exposure to the earth’s natural magnetic fields.

How is the human body in tune with the earth’s magnetic fields?

The earth’s magnetic field rotates in the frequency range of 8 to 14 cycles per second. The alpha rhythms produced by the human brain in a relaxed state are in the same frequency range of 8 to 14 cycles per second.

Magnets are Natural Healers & Energizers for the Body!

Magnet therapy is the solution to “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome”. It re-balances electromagnetic currents and restores the proper charge to the body cells, so that natural healing can occur.

Applying magnets to an injured area causes the blood vessels, and surrounding muscles and connective tissues, to relax and dilate (improving circulation). At the same time, the magnets attract the iron (haemoglobin) in red blood cells, thus bringing more blood, oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells to the injured area to accelerate healing. Upon leaving the area, the blood removes toxins and other wastes, which helps the detoxification and regeneration processes.

By helping to release endorphins (the body’s own natural painkillers), magnets bring soothing relief to chronic back pain, muscular and joint pains, sports injuries (tennis elbow, tendonitis, ligament soreness, etc.), menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.

How Can You Get Magnetic Therapy?

Professor Dr  Choong Soo. HanFortunately there is a simple cost effective way to get magnetic therapy. Professor Dr. Choong Soo. Han (resident professor at Chung Buk National University in South Korea, and Advisor to KFIA/KIFA and the Society of Applied Micromagnetic Energy , Korea ) has developed a Magnetic Necklace.

Your Solution to “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome”!

This Magnetic Necklace provides a constant supply of external magnetic energy that addresses the problem of diminishing and disrupted magnetic fields. It generates a subtle rotating magnetic field that flows throughout the body to re-balance electromagnetic currents and restore the proper charge to your cells, so that natural healing can occur.

The Magnetic Necklace:

  • Utilises 5 Neodymium magnets – more than 5,000 Gauss – to provide deeper penetration for quicker relief
  • Emits FIR (Far Infrared Rays) over 90% and not less than 2000 Negative Ions for synergistic health enhancing benefits
  • Comes with scientific validation and certifications by reputable bodies such as Korean Far Infrared Association (KFIA/KIFA) and Enetech Co., Ltd., Korea