Cell Rejuvenation For Optimal Health – Part 2 – Toxins

In part one of Cell Rejuvenation for Optimal Health I wrote about the broad reasons our cells become unhealthy. It’s time now to look at little more closely.


Unfortunately, toxins are all around us, in the home, our workplaces, simply everywhere.

They come in all forms, like pesticides, herbicides, medications, hormones, steroids, mercury and other heavy metals, in the air, water, our food supply, the fillings in our teeth. The air we breathe contains pollution from cars and industry. Processed food and beverages contains flavorings and coloring (permitted because they are “safe” – safe and healthy are different issues).

Being bombarded daily with toxins causes our bodies to come under attack. Free radicals (highly unstable molecules) wreak havoc in our cells. So our bodies become more unhealthy at a cellular level.

We need to both minimize our input of toxins and find ways of removing them from our body.

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