Anti-Cancer – Must See Important Video

We all know that cancer is a scourge of our modern day society. Don’t inadvertently make it your lifestyle choice.

For over 4 years NaturalSuperfoodsBlog has been giving information on how to:-

  • Nourish your body
  • Detox your body
  • Alkalize your body

Please take a few minutes to watch this important video which reinforces our belief that natural methods can keep you healthy.

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Pure Acai Berry or Weight Loss Surgery

Scar Free Weight Loss Surgery – But Is It Good For Your Health?

With over 34% of Americans believed to be clinically obese in comparison to the 32.7 percent who are heavier than is recommended for this size, the escalating obesity problem has triggered many clinical studies into making weight loss procedures less dangerous.

The latest dubbed POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) is formulated to support obese slimmers with a body index of 28-33 to lose 30lbs-50lbs in excess body fat without benefiting from scarring and dangers of traditional weight loss procedures. And at a glance it appears to work?

By inserting an endoscope down the throat of the dieter, cosmetic surgeons are able to stitch the top section of the stomach shut and make it a third smaller How does it work? The goal behind the UC San Diego surgery – which is undergoing testing – is to minimise the stretching ability of the part of the stomach that is prone to stretching. However, this surgery is already much scepticism about its ability to create risk free weight loss. Individuals are reported to only be able to eat a few mouthfuls per meal before becoming satisfied, an intake that isn’t enough for a healthy body.

On average the body needs at least 1,200-1,500 calories a day to help support your body’s internal workings. Don’t eat enough and your organs won’t function. So even thoughthis new scar free weight loss surgery may be able to promote rapid weight loss, in the long term it could hinder your body – especially as surgeons are confident these sutures will be able to hold for life.

Can I lose weight safely?

The bestroute to benefit from danger free, lasting weight loss is to eat a balanced diet and ensure that you workout often. However, if you need help promoting your weight loss, this can quickly be attained without putting your health and body at risk by having surgery. The aid of a medically backed herbal supplement such as Pure Acai Berry can offer you with the aid you need to take control of your weight loss management plan.

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