Top 10 Tips For Using the Ab Circle Pro

How to Make the most of it…

Ab Circle ProA while back I watched parts of an infomercial advertising the new Ab Circle Pro.

The Ab Circle Pro looked like an amazing machine, using a new way to exercise and the results they showed were remarkable.  Being able to achieve results like that on an exercise machine which was so different was just what I was looking for plus it actually looked like fun! I decided that it was time for me to check it out.

If you’re like many people you’re tired of trying to exercise lying on your back on the floor, tired of uncomfortable, boring exercise equipment that doesn’t work. Not to mention frustrated about not losing those extra pounds.

You’ve probably already tried almost anything to get rid of the flabby extra weight and get a more toned body. I’ll bet you’ve tried all types of diets and ab machines as well as all the miracle health supplements.

Many ab toning machines focus on repetitive motions that can, over time, actually become painful. These repetitive motions may also not exercise your core muscles in the most efficient way and actually hurt you back and neck.

The Ab Circle Pro eliminates those painful repetitions and replaces them with a natural, circular motion. By swinging around in almost a full circle, you’ll exercise your core muscles in such a way that is both natural and effective. Since gravity gets you moving and keeps you moving, you’ll find that it takes less power to exercise using the Ab Circle Pro. However, you’ll still get a very effective workout that tones your abs.

But the Ab Circle Pro does more than just work your core muscles. The swinging motion also functions as a cardiovascular workout, getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You can also remove the pin that holds the swinging base together to turn it into a buns, hips, and thighs machine. This allows you to tone your entire body.

Tone Your Entire Body with the Ab Circle Pro

Tone Your Entire Body with the Ab Circle Pro

If you haven’t seen the Ab Circle Pro yet, click here to visit the official Ab Circle Pro website.

The main questions that I wanted to answer were, The main questions that I wanted to answer were, Does the Ab Circle Pro really work and, Is it as easy as it looks?

Well, I’ve got to tell you that the Ab Circle Pro is great!!! In general, If you’re like me you probably don’t always trust “as seen on TV” products.  I do know that many of them do work great. By the way, do you know why some products are advertised on an Infomercial? Do they really work and, Is it as easy as it looks? Well, I’ve got to tell you that the reason products are shown on infomercials are:-

  • They are new to the market and experts can explain the benefits
  • They need to be demonstrated so we can understand how they work
  • They show the possible results

In short because it’s the most informative!

Imagine looking at the Ab Circle Pro just sitting in a box on shelf, no-one would ever understand or appreciate it!

By the way, you should know that I don’t usually get so excited about exercising but this product really makes it a lot of fun. All the other people I’ve talked to about it feel the same way.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking the infomercial show seemed to make some remarkable claims.  And you’re probably also wondering if you can get those kind of results as well. Based on my experiences, if you follow these tips from the beginning, it is possible to get the maximum results from the Ab Circle Pro (I wish somebody would have told me these things before I started using it).

Here are my Top 10 Tips for getting the most out of your Ab Circle Pro:

  1. Read the directions! I know this sounds boring and basic, but the Ab Circle Pro isn’t like anything else that you’ve ever used before. If you understand how it is intended to be used, you’ll be sure to get the most out of it. (I know this one sounds obvious, but there are so many people use it wrong and then complain that it didn’t work right).
  2. It’s easy and quick to set up, but make sure all the parts are intact and in good condition. If you have any concerns ring Customer Service immediately.
  3. Watch the supplied DVD – always take notice of the instructions.
  4. For extra comfort place some padding into the knee cups. Fold and place a hand towel or some other soft fabric the right size into the knee cups.
  5. Smear a little lubrication, like Vaseline, around the rim of the red disk – where the rollers run – to reduce friction.
  6. Because you are using a lot of energy using the Ab Circle Pro it may slide around while being used on hard floors. To prevent this, place the machine on a rug or carpet when you use it. This will ensure it doesn’t move around and will also save any scratches on your floor.
  7. Don’t get excited and try to use it on the highest incline when you start. Do start at the lowest level first.
  8. Don’t overdo it. Even if you think not much is happening, you’re wrong! The Ab Circle Pro works muscles that usually don’t get a lot of exercise and if you do too much too fast, you might hurt yourself or at least get very sore. So start slowly and do only 3-5 minutes per day until you start to strengthen your muscles.
  9. Use and enjoy it! You’ll feel like a kid again, swinging around and having an enjoyable workout without being the least bored. Don’t put it away under the bed. It doesn’t take up much space, so leave it out and make a regular time to use it.
  10. Like any exercise regime or machine you need to be persistent and consistent to get the results you want.

To summarize:-

The thing that I like most though about the Ab Circle Pro is that it provides a quick and effective workout that can be done from home at a time to suit me. Pull out your Ab Circle Pro, turn on the TV and get a real workout that won’t interfere with your busy schedule.

The biggest negatives about the Ab Circle Pro is that it can be a little hard on the knees if you don’t use some extra padding. If you have bad problems with your knees it’s probably not the best for you.

Because you are using your whole body weight and gravity to exercise, the machine will moves around a little bit if you use it on hard floor. However, I saw these as very minor problems that were easily solved.

A major positive is the ease of use, being able to get a quick and effective exercise at home instead of those expensive and inconvenient gym visits.

I know that there are so many people out there hoping and praying they have finally found a great product really can do all that it promises. And I know that every time you watch the infomercial you wonder if it’s possible that one product can give you such dramatic results? Well, take my advice, now is the right time to stop wondering and go find out for yourself. That’s because the people over at Ab Circle Pro are offering a special limited time offer that allows you to get a 30-Day No Risk trial of the Ab Circle Pro for only US$14.95.

Ab Circle Pro Results

Impressed by these results? Click Here to Visit the Official Ab Circle Pro Website.

For only US$14.95, you owe it to yourself to see how well the Ab Circle Pro can work for you. You have nothing to lose except those love handles.

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Ab Circle Pro – How to Assemble and Use

Out of the Box…

I just found this great new video showing the Ab Circle Pro coming out of the box, being assembled and used for the first time.  See what you think, I think it look easy and fun.