Abs Workout Facts

New Year’s Resolution to get a flatter stomach and ripped abs?

Fact 1 – usually hard work is required to build great six pack abs and a tight stomach.

Fact 2 – you CAN exercise at home to achieve those ripped, tight abs and washboard stomach.

Fact 3 – some exercise machines DO directly address those trouble areas because they target your stomach muscles and oblique muscles and combine this exercise with a good cardio exercise routine for a complete workout.

Fact 4 – some exercise machines must be used down on the floor. It can be very uncomfortable and a strain on your body (particularly your neck and back), so we recommend ones, like the Ab Circle Pro, which get you off the floor.

Fact 5 – there is a very easy option which will tighten muscles without much effort on your part. It doesn’t get rid of fat, but instead of physical exercise it used technology to flex your muscles, it’s called the Flex Belt.

Fact 6 – there is more than just exercise involved in fixing your ab problems. Find out how from a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Fact 7 – the road to a tight core and ripped abs doesn’t have to be just exercise, you can get healthier at the same time with the right motivation and mindset for permanent results. We highly recommend this holistic approach.